Turn It UP!!!


I have recently discovered Songza! If you have already discovered it then you may understand my excitement and all of the exclamation marks used here. If not then get on over there and find out for yourself the Awesomeness that is Songza.


Okay so maybe it’s not that exciting but I love different kinds of music and to find a site with so many varied playlists to share and listen to makes me a little exuberant.

I have only just started using Songza and have already discovered several  ‘New To Me’  artists. It’s great to choose a playlist, press play and either enter a whole new world -which for me is Hip Hop or Dance- or flow into old favourites like 60’s Doo Wop or Today’s Pop.

Even better is when a song I don’t know comes on while I’m blogging or on Facebook I can click over to songza where it will tell me the song title and artist. Then I can search the site for more songs by that artist or similar types of songs.

I think I’ll let some of my favourite authors know about Songza if they don’t already. It would be a great place to post their book playlists.

Bring on the new music and Turn It UP!!!!!


Follow Me to Livin’ The Dream

A few years ago I heard Follow Me by Uncle Kracker on the radio and was instantly hooked. I loved  the sound of his voice, the words of the song and the melody.

That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I prefer the lyrics, sometimes it’s the beat that attracts me and sometimes it’s the singer themselves.  Some songs I like instantly, while others grow on me over time but the ones I like best are the ones I still enjoy even when they’ve been overplayed on the radio.

In the case of Uncle Kracker after Follow Me I heard Drift Away and then No Stranger to Shame. Since I really liked these two songs I bought the album of the same name and was HOOKED.  Thunderhead Hawkins and Memphis Soul Song are two of my favourites but the whole album is a rockin’ soulful good time. So I went back and bought his first album Double Wide. Have to say that Follow Me is the only song on the album that I enjoy.

Along came 72 and Sunny and I was blown away by each and every song. I remember thinking that it just got better with each new cd. I just couldn’t get enough of Rescue and Last Night Again. The southern soul sound grabs me at my core.

With his newest album – Happy Hour- I wouldn’t say I was disappointed but 72 and Sunny remains the album I enjoy the most. On Happy Hour I heard Smile and immediately had to request it on the radio station I listen to.

I love to hear it while getting ready for work in the morning. It’s upbeat and fanciful without being too dancey.  It also has the added bonus of being a song that I share with N.3-B  (my youngest niece). I enjoy the humour of My Girlfriend as well as I Hate California and the down home Mellencamp like tune, Main Street.  Another Love Song always has me singing along . I highly recommend it for any road trip playlist.

The one I love the best though surprised me.  I am not normally a fan of remixes, remakes, or sampled songs but Uncle Kracker’s  Livin’ The Dream just feels so right! It is such a smooth blend of old and new you almost don’t notice it’s a different song.

Whether the mood calls for mellow or rockin’  Uncle Kracker has a song for you. I wish he would come North. More specifically I wish he would come play in Halifax, preferably at the Rebecca Cohn a nice smaller venue with great acoustics. I guess I’ll just have to keep living that dream.