Hoping for a White Christmas

More than a few years ago I started my own holiday tradition for when I wrap my Christmas gifts.

I set out all the items I need and watch a mini marathon of Christmas movies. It started with White Christmas starring Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. I love classic movies and this one has not only a sweet holiday sentiment but also some funny moments courtesy of Danny Kaye. I really enjoy both performances of the song “Sisters”  seen in the film. Growing up in Canada I have been lucky enough to almost always have a white Christmas, maybe not quite as white as the rest of the world thinks but there always seems to be enough snow on Christmas to make it delightful.


Another favourite to watch is Little Women starring June Allyson, Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret O’Brien and Peter Lawford. The opening scenes are about Christmas and the girls very generously giving up not only their Christmas gifts but also their Christmas breakfast so that others might have a happy Christmas. I love the sets and costumes, the joys and hardships in dealing with family members and the romance of this film!


The last film I  watch while wrapping presents is Meet Me in St. Louis. Again their is only one small part of the movie which is related to Christmas but it is a doozy of a moment.  This is another movie where the sets and costumes play almost as big a role as the actors do. Another film that reminds me to appreciate family, friends and all the everyday things life has to offer.


This week I had Monday off. My first full day off from my two jobs since November and I thought what a perfect day to watch these movies and wrap presents. I did watch these movies as well as the old Bass/Rankin shows I loved as a child (and still love today) but I didn’t get any wrapping done. Instead I tried to pick up some ideas on  how to get Mother Nature to negotiate  a White Christmas from Snow Miser for us this year.

http://I don’t know who gave Heat Miser control over Nova Scotia but someone’s got to give it back to Snow Miser, at least for Christmas.

Oh well, the lack of finished wrapping just gives me an excuse to watch the three Disney/Tim Allen Santa Clause movies!


Discovering New Movies

I love to buy movies. I especially love to buy ones that I’ve never heard of. I do not however love to pay more than $20 for them, particularly when I’ve never heard of them.

I can spend a lot of time in stores like HMV, BestBuy and Walmart browsing through the racks of DVD’s under $10.

Yesterday I spent sometime in HMV and bought two old favourites that I haven’t watched in years.  St. Elmo’s Fire and Say Anything, I just couldn’t pass them up at $5 each but I also bought The Accidental Husband starring Uma Thurman, Colin Firth and Jeffery Dean Morgan. The cast alone is the reason I picked it up the fact that it was a romantic comedy cinched it for me. I love Uma in The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Colin in everything he does and Jeffery Dean Morgan in PS I Love You.

I watched it today and quite enjoyed it.  Admittedly not  one that I will watch as often as many of the movies I own but not one of the worst  I’ve ever purchased either.  At the same time I’m glad it was only $5. It’s  a cute little story. Uma plays a Dr with a radio show and self help book coming out who unkowingly throws Jeffery Dean Morgan’s life into upheaval when she tells his fiancee not to go through with the wedding, Colin Firth plays Uma’s fiancee and publisher.

The fun starts when JDM manages to make it look like he and Uma are married. Quaint fun little movie. Not Love Actually not even August Rush but enjoyable none the less.

I also love TV on DVD. I have just started watching Pretty Little Liars. I am in fact watching the very first episode at this moment thanks to my friend who lent me the first two seasons. I had sort of falling into watching episodes of the new season on Musch Music and finally decided I needed to see the first seasons to really know what’s going on.  There is a lot going on in this show and I find it similar to Veronica Mars (though I personally think that VM is MUCH better) and I am definitely not the demographic the show is aimed at, I do enjoy it.


Movie Magic

♪Oh yes it’s Ladies Night , oh what a night…♪

And what a night it was. Tonight several past and present colleagues and I went to see Magic Mike. This movie is loosely based on Channing Tatum’s life as a stripper before he was an actor. The cast has something for everyone, my personal fave is Joe Manganiello (best known for playing Alcide on True Blood) and boy did he get my blood pumping.

Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves immensely and there was much talk about waiting for the DVD to come out so we could see the director’s cut and hopefully some bloopers. The perfect opportunity to have a Girl’s Night In as one person put it. You know the saying “Watch out for the quiet one’s” well we bookstore babes certainly proved that to be true. What a rowdy bunch we are.

The story is pretty much what you would expect and there were no surprises. If you are looking for an evening of staring at some great looking guys in various states of undress and shaking their groove things than this is the movie for you.

I now have new images to enjoy when I hear the songs:  Like A Virgin and It’s Raining Men.

After the movie we headed to Tim’s for some refreshments and to keep the party going.  Again, not a quiet bunch us bookstore girls. I’m sure the staff there were happy to see us leave.

Tonight is also Coast2Coast Movie Night. On the playlist was Easy A starring Emma Stone.

I enjoyed watching it but am now forced to watch The Breakfast Club due to all the 80’s movie references.

Both are great movies but neither will be bringing me the sweet dreams tonight that magic Mike will. 😉



Ryan says it Best

In my 20’s I started watching a show called Breaker High. It was a fun lighthearted show that made me laugh and right from the start one of the characters garned all my attention. I use to watch episodes just waiting for him to appear and make me laugh.

After the show ended I was excited to discover him in another show called Young Hercules. While I liked this show it was not as much fun as Breaker High and I didn’t really watch it regularly but I knew that this young actor was one to watch.

Today that young actor has indeed become a household name.  A name you might recognize…..  Ryan Gosling.  With great care he has chosen roles that let him exercise his acting skills. A few that have had mass appeal and several indie type roles have allowed  him to form a career not just be a star.  And might I just mention he is another incredible Canadian export.

Today a friend reminded me about a fun site that features photos of Ryan with quotes that reference different pop culture Teen books.


Here are a few of my favourites:

Photo &amp; text: kdhart<br />Book reference: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Um, awesome submission much? Thanks 143books!<br />Book reference: The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness

The last picture makes reference to one of my favourite Trilogies (Chaos Walking)  and makes me smile every time.

What’s your favourite Ryan Reads?

Easy Listening June 3, 2012

After a full and busy week/weekend Sunday was a lazy easy listening kind of day. Since I was house sitting I took the opportunity to do some laundry and catch up on those Zynga Facebook games. I was inspired by Much Music’s previously mentioned British Invasion to have my own British/Irish Invasion. Don’t you just love the Ipod?  All that music stored on one little device.

I started with the new stuff: The Wanted, One Direction, Conor Maynard and Karmin. Because they were all on the show the other night. Turns out Karmin is American not British but hey good stuff anyway.


Then moved on to Old School with: Westlife, Five, Steps, S Club7, Boyzone, Ronan Keating, A1, Billie, The Coors, Blue and so on.


All in all it was lovely to spend the day listening to some new and old favourites. Listening to The Wanted, One Direction and Karmin I kept thinking that would be a great song for the Chaos Walking Trilogy Soundtrack.  I do that often, hear a song and think it would be perfect for certain moments in a book. Guess that’s why so many authors to playlists now. What song fits your favourite book scene?

The Joys of What To Expect…. The Movie

First I have to say that I love cheap night night at the movies. Seriously a ticket, combo pack upsized that comes with chocolate all for $18 and change, now that’s a decent price for a night at the movies.

After my weekend of testosterone filled action films I needed something a little lighter. What to Expect When Your Expecting was all I could have hope for and more. A well rounded star studded cast  made us laugh and get a bit teary eyed as we followed them through the joys and horrors of pregnancy and adoption.

The Dudes (a father’s group) that you see in the commercials are hilarious. They also show the fundamental difference between moms and dads parenting styles. One dad is fighting buying the dreaded minivan and the way he gets around it at the end made all those in attendance last night laugh  out loud. Chris Rock is the leader of this Dad’s Group which has a code and rules that must be followed.

There is a couple who have been trying to get pregnant and when it finally happens their joy is over shadowed by his father’s announcement that he (and his much younger wife) are expecting as well. The differences between the two women’s pregnancies are just one small example of how different each women’s pregnancy can be.

The movie is also about relationships. Relationships between couples, parents & kids and friends all get highlighted in this movie. I also enjoyed the way they connected all the characters to each other like in Love Actually or Playing By Heart.  The city of Atlanta made  a beautiful background for the movie and the pop culture references were also a fun touch.

As I really enjoyed this movie I’d have to say  my slump may be over.  Whether you have kids, are planning to have kids, or (like myself) are happy with letting others have the little darlings, I highly recommend W.T.E if you need a good laugh.

I’d give it 4 out of 5 film reels.


Last night I took a friend to a movie. Today is his birthday so I let him choose and we saw Battleship. Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It wasn’t as action packed as Transformers, in fact the action came in spurts. It has the average America saves the world story line with some okay acting and funny lines. I doubt I’ll rush out and buy it on DVD but when it hits the bargain bin I’d buy it just to see Alexander Skarsgård (Eric, True Blood) again.

Sadly I don’t think anyone ever said, “You sunk my battleship” which,  honestly,  I expected them to.

Today I took my youngest niece and the two boys I Nanny to see The Avengers. I say boys but one is 19 and one is 11. We all enjoyed it but I found it a bit drawn out.  Mark Ruffalo was really good as The Hulk and I always love Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman.  The others also did  wonderful in their various roles. The very first shot of of Chris Evans (as Captain America) made me think, now there’s a shot for the ladies!

It’s what you’d expect from a big budget action movie and it doesn’t disappoint visually or with the quick one liners the characters throw at each other. The writing is humorous and laid out clearly even for those of us who haven’t seen the all the different characters movies. This is one I might buy when it comes out. It was nice to see some familiar faces throughout the movie.

All in all it’s been an action packed weekend one might say and I quite enjoyed it.