Dazzled by Now You See Me


Thanks to a fall which resulted in a broken ankle I will be spending the next two weeks with my butt on the couch. The good thing about this is it gives me plenty of time to be EnterTAYned!

I started this morning with a movie I had really wanted to see and am now regretting not seeing it theatres. Now You See Me has a Star Studded cast yes but it also has a story that wows and a twist I did not see coming. I was sure I knew who the person in the gray hoodie was. I was so surprised and thrilled to find out I was completely and totally wrong. I love the fact that I didn’t figure it out because, as someone who sees a lot of movies and reads a lot of books, I find many of them to be predictable. I don’t mind that. There’s a certain comfort in it. It’s just really nice to be truly surprised every once in awhile.

Now You See Me is the story of 4 magicians struggling to make a name for themselves in one way or another when they are brought together by a mysterious benefactor. A year later they make a name for themselves by robbing a bank from the stage. Or do they? And if they do, just how did they pull it off.

A good story filled with the unexpected, lots of action and a hint of romance all come together in a most mystical display of movie magic.

This is a movie I will watch many times looking for the hints and tricks I had previously missed.

I give this movie 41/2 reels out of 5.


Aged by Rock of Ages

Tonight a group of us went to see the movie Rock of Ages. I should preface this by saying I really enjoyed the movie and laughed more than I thought I would.

Having said that I don’t know that we were supposed to laugh as much as we did.

I thought Tom Cruise did a good job (not great but good) as Stacee Jax but I don’t buy him as the sexy Rock God that makes girls swoon with a look. I’m not sure who he was trying to channel, it seemed like a mix of Jagger, Flea and Axel Rose. Which I have to say hold no appeal for me.  I feel they could have  gotten someone who would appeal to a larger variety of people. Like Jon Bon Jovi used to. When I was in high school in the 80’s it didn’t matter what music you liked or what type of guy appealed to you practically every girl I knew thought Bon Jovi was sexy.

And I feel like they may have been able to find a better Sherrie. I like Julianne Hough but her voice reminds me of what I hear in musicals from the 40’s and 50’s when girls sang in those pure bell like tones very sweet sounding with  none of the rough and grit you need from a rock singer.

Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Amanda Seyfried heck even an unknown might have pulled it off better.

I had gone into this thinking it would be a great musical, something I could sing along with seeing as the soundtrack is that of my teen years and to some degree I could but I really didn’t want to. I had thought that this could maybe some day be like singalong Sound of Music or Rocky Horror Picture Show or Mama Mia!, I don’t see that happening. For some reason they state that the time is 1987  they could have left that statement out especially since the songs are from many different years within the 80’s.

There were some good parts to the movie.

Russell Brand plays the perennial Russell Brand character which is always good for a laugh and I must say he was part of the only real surprise in the movie, which looking back on it shouldn’t have come as a surprise but it did.

Catherine Zeta Jones did a great job both as the pious righteous character and with her singing.

New comer Diego Boneta is absolutely believable as Rock Star Wanna Be and good looking enough to pull it off.

Mary J Blige certainly holds her own as well.

Despite the things that I wish they might have done differently (like why they named the main female lead Sherrie but didn’t sing Oh Sherrie)  I did have a good time watching this movie and I will certainly add it to my collection, however it will not be watched as much as some of the others are.  And when I want to listen to these songs I will load my 80’s rock playlist onto my Ipod instead of reaching for the soundtrack.

I saw a review on IMDB that says this movie is comparable to Grease in that Grease was a good representation of high school in the 60’s. I don’t buy it. You can not compare this movie to Grease.  While it may become a cult favourite it does not have the clout and appeal of Grease. Nor does it necessarily represent the 80’s. Where was all the hair? The blue eye shadow? Why did Sherrie’s hair remind me of Fara Fawcett from Charlie’s Angels which is classic 70’s?

Good for a laugh, good for a trip down memory lane  but not great. I’d give it 3 film reels out of 5.

A few of my favourite moments:

-When Sherrie (Julianne Hough) says that she sings better than she dances.

-When Sherrie is standing in a record store and beside or behind her you see the original Footloose album.

-The church ladies singing and dancing to Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

Friday June 1, 2012

Not being a tech savvy person I have not yet mastered the ability to blog on the go, uploading pics and such. Which means that today I am playing catch up.

Friday night is when my two best friends from High School and I attempt to have what we call Coast2Coast movie night. I live (and play) in Nova Scotia, one lives in Ontario and the other lives in British Columbia. We literally live from coast to coast across Canada. So we “get together for movie night. We choose a movies we all have or can get at easily (Netflix) and a time then we get on facebook or Skype and chat while watching the movie. This is something we started last year as a way to stay in touch. Now because we do all have lives we don’t always connect EVERY Friday but we do make the effort.

This week I had to back out as I was house/cat sitting for some friends and couldn’t figure out how to work their entertainment system. Seriously, does it have to be so complicated?  Instead I watched Diary of a Mad Black Woman on my Ipad, which only has 4 movies on it at the moment and none that my friends had or we could have kept our plans. I enjoy so much about this movie.  It runs through a gamut of  emotion. Anger at her husband, shock and disbelief  at her revenge, the sweetness of falling in love, the sexiness of Shemar Moore and the hilarity of Tyler Perry as Madea. There are so many stories and levels without being overwhelming,  it’s a favourite.  Really if you haven’t seen it I don’t know why. It’s a great movie. The story of a woman mistreated and put out of a her home in the cruelest manner who has no where to go and turns to her Aunt for a place to live. A woman who could easily turn bitter and mean but falls in love and realizes that means more than anything she has had before.  Dark and gritty reality make this movie all the sweeter.

If you’re looking for a happy ending  movie that will move you, try Diary of a Mad Black Woman.