Northern Nightmare It’s Finally Here June 2, 2012

My day started early for a Saturday when I didn’t have to work. I got up around 8 and went to get my second oldest niece before heading to the house I Nanny at for a Crepe breakfast with the Kids. The youngest boy I Nanny and his former neighbour (and still friend) and the two of us were off to a day at the races. Scotia Speedworld to be exact where J2 and I go every year to see Monster Jam. This year was the debut of Maple Leaf Monster Jam and the new Canadian truck Northern Nightmare!

It’s Finally Here!!!!!!

My boss sent us off with a cooler full of cold drinks, sandwiches and a bag full of candy for each of us

The tongue Tattoos were a HUGE hit!

Besides having the new truck, this years Monster Jam played host to the sports longest running rivalry with Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction both competing .  And for the first time we had a roll over as well as a fire. Which of course was only exciting because the driver was okay. I enjoy the Monster Jam but it’s not as exciting as the big jumps you see on tv. The roll over and fire made it much more exciting.

I screamed myself hoarse trying to win a t-shirt for the kids to no avail. My niece went again to day and managed to get beaned in the head with one. LOL Just goes to show you never know what might happen.

For a little mindless entertainment in the evening I used my Ipad to watch Glee The Concert Movie.  I just love when the character Finn sings Jesse’s Girl and Puckermen sings Fat Bottom Girls.  Mostly though it’s just good background noise while I was playing on the computer.