Friends and Johnny Depp

Today’s entertainment comes from visiting a friend who is recovering from surgery and watching Johnny Depp on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

I had today off so I made plans to visit my friend to help relieve some of her bed rest boredom. We share a love for the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean video game and the Ellen DeGeneres show.

The first because we enjoy watching Lego Jack Sparrow run around arms flailing and the second well that’s a no brainer. Ellen is  funny, has great segments like the dance dares and Clumsy Thumbsy,  she just makes you feel good and then there’s always the question of what gift she will give her guests.

We never got to the video game but we did watch Johnny Depp’s first ever appearance on the Ellen Show which of course began a conversation surrounding his age and career. She asked how old he was and I wasn’t sure exactly. I guessed he was 5-10 years older than me (he’s 8 years older).  You should know that while I am a HUGE fan of his work, I am not the kind of fan who knows birthdays, family members names and everything he’s ever been in off the top of my head.  I am also NOT the kind of fan that LOVES everything just because one of their favourite actors is in.

For instance I can do without and do not own his version of Willy Wonka, The Libertine or the Secret Window. I like Ninth Gate but hated the ending. The Tourist was just okay and yet the movies of his I love I watch over and over and over again.  I even own copies of Private Resort and Once Upon A Time in Mexico, though they aren’t my favourites.

I’ve been a fan since he was sucked into the bed in the first Nightmare on Elm Street which my friends and I were watching at one of our Scary Movie Video Parties back in ‘ ’87 which would have made me  17 years old.  As we were watching I told them he was someone to watch, he was going to be big.  That summer while visiting my Dad in Oshawa, I was watching a show on the Fox network called 21 Jumpstreet and there he was again!          I’ve been a fan ever since.

As my friend read off a list of his performances I hadn’t heard of maybe five of them and hadn’t seen 10.  My top three favourites are: 1. CryBaby  2. Ed Wood and 3. is a tie between Chocolat & Benny and Joon.

From a tshirt on 80's Tees

Tomorrow is my birthday and I was lucky enough to win tickets to a preview viewing of his new movie Dark Shadows. I have been bouncing with excitement for weeks waiting so be warned, tomorrow’s post will be brought to you courtesy of Dark Shadows.

Until then,

Sleep Sweet.