Chaos Walking Trilogy – Better Than Hunger Games

When they first came out I read the Hunger Games trilogy. I did (and d0 LOVE the first book), thought the second was okay and was very disappointed and let down by the third one. I didn’t (and don’t) absolutely hate it but it wasn’t great.

I had seen The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (Book 1) in the store many times. Had even picked it up a couple of times and read the first page or two but never tried to seriously read it. It intriqued me but there was so much more to read.

Last fall at the Random House Roadshow one of the Rep’s asked if I had read it and when I said no asked me why not? My reply- You didn’t give me one. We all laughed and she went on with the presentation. Then Christmas in retail hit and I didn’t think much of it.

In March I got to thinking about it and knew that because H.G. was going to be huge again due to the movie I would need other books to recommend to customers. I emailed my Random House Rep, reminded her of the conversation and she sent all three books.

About a week after receiving the package I started to read The Knife of Never Letting Go. Thank goodness it was a Friday night because I didn’t stop. I read all three books by Tuesday. I went in to the store on Monday and decided to make it a staff pick, started raving about it to everyone, customers and staff alike and since  March 12th, 2012 we have sold 30 copies.

I hadn’t read the back of the book so I didn’t really know what to expect and I will say that at first I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it. The main character, Todd, speaks in an old broken English that can be very distracting but by the third chapter I was HOOKED!  Yes, caps all the way HOOKED. I never truly got used to the broken English, even during the third book I had to pause a couple of times to figure out what he was saying but it didn’t deter my love of these books at all. This trilogoy is to me what Twilight and Hunger Games are to a lot of others but better.  From book 1 to book 3 the characters are consistent in who they are and the story is gripping from beginning to end. To this day the characters and events linger with me.

Patrick Ness has a beautiful flowing writing style. Written in such away as to make you turn each page with excitement and trepidation.  I was so anxious to find out what would become of Todd and his Viola that I had to force myself to slow down and savour the story.

The description of the characters and the strange new world they live in are vibrant and fascinating. The story is about what one person can do, how we all get by with a little help from our friends and standing up for what you believe is right. It is a love story like no other I have read in this teen dystopian fiction but it is also a story about discovering new worlds, racism and war. This is a story that both sexes will enjoy.

I am hoping that the  just announced movie they are making will do the books justice but I am mostly excited that it will bring new readers to these incredible books.

If you are looking for something to fill the void  left by Hunger Games I highly suggest the Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness. Who knows, you too may find you have a new favourite.

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