Movie Magic

♪Oh yes it’s Ladies Night , oh what a night…♪

And what a night it was. Tonight several past and present colleagues and I went to see Magic Mike. This movie is loosely based on Channing Tatum’s life as a stripper before he was an actor. The cast has something for everyone, my personal fave is Joe Manganiello (best known for playing Alcide on True Blood) and boy did he get my blood pumping.

Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves immensely and there was much talk about waiting for the DVD to come out so we could see the director’s cut and hopefully some bloopers. The perfect opportunity to have a Girl’s Night In as one person put it. You know the saying “Watch out for the quiet one’s” well we bookstore babes certainly proved that to be true. What a rowdy bunch we are.

The story is pretty much what you would expect and there were no surprises. If you are looking for an evening of staring at some great looking guys in various states of undress and shaking their groove things than this is the movie for you.

I now have new images to enjoy when I hear the songs:  Like A Virgin and It’s Raining Men.

After the movie we headed to Tim’s for some refreshments and to keep the party going.  Again, not a quiet bunch us bookstore girls. I’m sure the staff there were happy to see us leave.

Tonight is also Coast2Coast Movie Night. On the playlist was Easy A starring Emma Stone.

I enjoyed watching it but am now forced to watch The Breakfast Club due to all the 80’s movie references.

Both are great movies but neither will be bringing me the sweet dreams tonight that magic Mike will. 😉




BOOBIES………….In Scarf Form

A few weeks ago my friend A posted this picture on my facebook page

suggesting that I knit her one. I didn’t think it would look good knitted so another friend found this

which looks okay but not as good as the first picture. I mentioned that to A and said that if I made her one I’d have to make one for Berns as well (a friend who calls everyone Boobies) and then I let the subject drop.

Meanwhile I was hatching a plan to make one at Mom’s.

The following week I went to visit Mom, the wonderful person who taught me almost everything I know about sewing, knitting, crochet and crafting in general. She’s  always willing to help me with my crazy schemes. Last year she helped me make a onesie for the 19 year old I Nanny (well used to Nanny).

The first night of my visit I explained the idea to her, the second we bought some pink material and on the third and fourth nights the fun began. I showed her the picture and we went Internet searching for a pattern or tutorial or something to guide us in our quest to make a boobie scarf. We finally found one we liked and got to work.

My Mom being the genius that she is (and a foster Mom to two beautiful baby girls) suggested that we use old baby bottle nipples as we had no felt or beads as the tutorial called for.  So that’s what we did.

I love these crafting moments with my mom as we generally get silly and much laughter exudes as you can imagine it did in this endeavor. Mom told me that when she was young they used to knit Peter Heaters  for male skiers when she was young and I just about died laughing. An online search for those or Willy Warmers will lead you to many many patterns as well as some other interesting ones. Like a penis shaped cover for your chapstick, I kid you not and No A, Berns or anyone else who might ask I WILL NOT knit you one of those! LOL

In the end we managed to spend a few evenings laughing and making great memories while making three scarves; one for A, one for Berns and the third I’m not sure, maybe I’ll auction it off to the highest bidder .

Friday June 1, 2012

Not being a tech savvy person I have not yet mastered the ability to blog on the go, uploading pics and such. Which means that today I am playing catch up.

Friday night is when my two best friends from High School and I attempt to have what we call Coast2Coast movie night. I live (and play) in Nova Scotia, one lives in Ontario and the other lives in British Columbia. We literally live from coast to coast across Canada. So we “get together for movie night. We choose a movies we all have or can get at easily (Netflix) and a time then we get on facebook or Skype and chat while watching the movie. This is something we started last year as a way to stay in touch. Now because we do all have lives we don’t always connect EVERY Friday but we do make the effort.

This week I had to back out as I was house/cat sitting for some friends and couldn’t figure out how to work their entertainment system. Seriously, does it have to be so complicated?  Instead I watched Diary of a Mad Black Woman on my Ipad, which only has 4 movies on it at the moment and none that my friends had or we could have kept our plans. I enjoy so much about this movie.  It runs through a gamut of  emotion. Anger at her husband, shock and disbelief  at her revenge, the sweetness of falling in love, the sexiness of Shemar Moore and the hilarity of Tyler Perry as Madea. There are so many stories and levels without being overwhelming,  it’s a favourite.  Really if you haven’t seen it I don’t know why. It’s a great movie. The story of a woman mistreated and put out of a her home in the cruelest manner who has no where to go and turns to her Aunt for a place to live. A woman who could easily turn bitter and mean but falls in love and realizes that means more than anything she has had before.  Dark and gritty reality make this movie all the sweeter.

If you’re looking for a happy ending  movie that will move you, try Diary of a Mad Black Woman.



My two best friends from High School and I literally live across the country from each other. I am the East Coast Girl, One is the Central Girl and the other is the West Coast Girl.

Last year, as a way to stay in touch, we came up with what we call Coast to Coast Movie Night. We pick a night (usually Friday), pick a movie and time then sit down to watch it while “chatting” with Skype or Facebook Chat. It’s our way of staying connected with each other in the Now while also enjoying some of the Then as we often choose to watch old favourites.

A lot of the time we post lines we love from the movies on our facebook status and it always amazes me when other friends like those lines then add their favourites in the comment field. For instance; last night we were watching The Princess Bride and all I typed into my status line was ‘Inconceivable!’.  Immediately someone commented ” I don’t think that word means what you think it means” another posted “As You Wish” and so on. This is the power of a classic movie. Whether it’s award winning or considered a Cult Classic these movies and those lines touch something in us that we pass down generation to generation, they become part of Family Traditions and are there when we need to laugh or cry.

It lead me to thinking about some of my favourite movies that I’ve been able to share with the kids in my life and I urge you to do the same with the kids in yours. Don’t worry about what they’ll think although you should keep in mind their age and movie interests.  Go ahead, share the magic of musicals with a niece or nephew, take the kid you babysit on a pirate treasure hunt with The Goonies or show a younger sibling the wonder of The Wizard of Oz!

Entertain yourself by generating new fans of some great old films and maybe try opening up to something they love. Look at it as if you were their age again. You just might find a new 16 Candles or Top Gun.