And so we begin

As someone who loves all things entertainment and works as a bookseller / book club hostess it has been suggested to me that I take up blogging. I have to say I am a little intimated by the thought of it.  However you shouldn’t let a little fear stop you so, let us begin shall we?

They say that most people have no real memories before the age of four so I’m not sure if this is a memory or imagination but I remember being a toddler in my crib sitting and ‘reading’ a book. It was a small book, 4 vinyl pages sewn together with red thread and a bluish gray cover. The story name has long been forgotten but this is my first memory of loving books. I used to carry it all around the house and according to my baby record book, it was my favourite toy.

The bookshelves in my apartment  hold copies of my most prized books ranging from Who Wants A Cheap Rhinoceros? by Uncle Shelby (better known as Shel Silverstein – we’ll discuss the shape it’s in some other time) to Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume  hardcover copyright 1970. This may give you some indication of my age but if you really want to know I will be 41 this month.

This leads me to what I want you to understand about  the reviews and opinions you will see on my blog. I am an entertainment junkie. I like what I like and I refuse to give up my inner child. Yes, I am a responsible adult going to work and paying my bills but I see no reason for that to prevent me from enjoying books, movies and music meant for those of a younger generation. If it is something I would’ve enjoyed when I was 9, 14 or 22 there’s a good chance I will enjoy it now. Case in point The Backyardigans. I love how they use different types of music and their imagination to play and tell stores.I wish more kids did this. It seems to be a lost art.

So be forewarned while it will most likely be book reviews/opinions posted here anything that has entertained me at any point in my life may make it’s way on. And who knows eventually I may entertain you with stories from my life, like the time I almost fell in a hippo’s mouth.