Friday June 1, 2012

Not being a tech savvy person I have not yet mastered the ability to blog on the go, uploading pics and such. Which means that today I am playing catch up.

Friday night is when my two best friends from High School and I attempt to have what we call Coast2Coast movie night. I live (and play) in Nova Scotia, one lives in Ontario and the other lives in British Columbia. We literally live from coast to coast across Canada. So we “get together for movie night. We choose a movies we all have or can get at easily (Netflix) and a time then we get on facebook or Skype and chat while watching the movie. This is something we started last year as a way to stay in touch. Now because we do all have lives we don’t always connect EVERY Friday but we do make the effort.

This week I had to back out as I was house/cat sitting for some friends and couldn’t figure out how to work their entertainment system. Seriously, does it have to be so complicated?  Instead I watched Diary of a Mad Black Woman on my Ipad, which only has 4 movies on it at the moment and none that my friends had or we could have kept our plans. I enjoy so much about this movie.  It runs through a gamut of  emotion. Anger at her husband, shock and disbelief  at her revenge, the sweetness of falling in love, the sexiness of Shemar Moore and the hilarity of Tyler Perry as Madea. There are so many stories and levels without being overwhelming,  it’s a favourite.  Really if you haven’t seen it I don’t know why. It’s a great movie. The story of a woman mistreated and put out of a her home in the cruelest manner who has no where to go and turns to her Aunt for a place to live. A woman who could easily turn bitter and mean but falls in love and realizes that means more than anything she has had before.  Dark and gritty reality make this movie all the sweeter.

If you’re looking for a happy ending  movie that will move you, try Diary of a Mad Black Woman.