Love Unscripted = Much Confusion

Love Unscripted by Tina Reber is the story of Taryn Mitchell living the life that a lot of young girls (and some women) dream off. Meeting and falling in love with a celebrity who is filming in her town.

Taryn is a savvy business woman running her own pub and frustrated by the constant talk of her friends and female clients about the movie filming in their small Rhode Island town. When Ryan Christensen, the films hot male lead comes into her pub one day in an attempt to flee some fans, they hit it off.
Despite her feelings for Ryan, Taryn is determined to keep him at the friends level. She has been hurt too many times to fall for a celebrity who will be leaving town in a couple of months.
I had hopes for this story. Being a fan of movies I completely understand the appeal of falling for celebrity. I enjoyed many of the characters including the leads…….for about a moment. This book is one of the most difficult reads I’ve read through. It took me almost two months of forcing myself to read this.
I liked the characters then I didn’t. Taryn started off as a strong minded, wise-cracking business woman full of compassion and a good heart. Ryan is a movie star but still humble, gracious, and enjoys the simple life. But I have to say that at times reading some of the scenes when they are arguing and he is yelling and gripping her arms and do on, well they come off as almost abusive. Especially when Taryn apologizes, backs down or keeps her opinion to herself. It doesn’t make me want to root for them.
 There are too many story-lines. What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. I feel like they both didn’t need to have psychotic fans. Yes there are a lot of problems in life and every good romance novel has it’s fair share of angst and busybodies but THIS many just wasn’t necessary. Yes celebrities have to deal with persistent and even crazy fans, gossip, co-stars even family trouble. But do we have to hear about it over and over and over again? They argue about stories, they argue about guys coming onto her, they argue about money, he often just ignores her concerns and does what he wants to, like the kitchen reno, which really amounted to nothing. It could have amounted to her making the alluded to business arrangement with Tammy and managing her pub while on the road with him. Thereby combining their lives in a complimentary manner.
Less fighting during the meat of the story and an epilogue about the wedding and their life compromises would have made a better story.
Along with the too many story-lines and too many characters there was an inconsistency in language and character. At times Taryn and Ryan come across as almost innocent (which neither of them are) and teenager like, Nudging each other under the table and so on which is sweet and not a bad thing but then at other times they are using more vulgar language and time is spent describing sexy outfits or what they will do to each other but the sex scenes are more glossed over, innocent and brief. For instance at Christmas she gives him a gift which is meant for her to wear but Mr. big time money throwing movie star is only wearing boxer briefs. He could at least have satin or silk or sexy underwear on for her viewing pleasure.  They make love under the tree and in the next paragraph she’s waking up, is it the next morning? Are they in bed? How did that happen? It’s all very abrupt.
I wanted so much to really get behind this story. I liked the story-line and most of the (many) characters. I even disliked the ones we’re supposed to.I liked that the heroine is a strong woman (for the most part) but there was just too much going on. I also didn’t enjoy the first person narrative. I usually dislike First person but this was really bad.
I read this as an EARC through NetGalley and can only hope that before it went to print many of these issues were addressed. Which I am guessing didn’t happen as apparently this book is at least two years old an a sequel was released.
I wonder if I will ever be curious enough to read the second but I’m doubting I will.
I can only give this 2 out of 5 reads

Boarding The Love Boat

We all have our favourite tv shows from childhood and The Love Boat was one of mine.

Like Fantasy Island it was chock full of fabulous guest stars. All the people from all my other favourite shows boarded this ship.  Both serious and funny it addressed so many different issues in relationships with families, friends and yes the romantic ones too.

I recently picked up the first season on DVD to relive some of those great moments and I instantly whisked back several decades.  Although a  little saddened by the visual reminders of all the amazing actors and actresses we have lost since the show aired I was at the same time happy to see them doing what they did best. Entertain us.

Within the first few episodes I watched John Ritter follow the girl of his dreams on the ship only to find that the only cabin available is a shared one and could only be rented to a woman. Watching John in drag, the Captain flirting with him and him comforting/falling for his companion brought me back to Three’s Company. While Suzanne Sommer’s character ( a married three times rich woman) was nothing like her TC character Chrissy.

I saw Sherman Helmsley play The Sausage King. He and his wife resolved their marriage issues after getting stuck in the elevator. It cracked me up when he put her on his shoulders in an attempt to get out. She was twice his size!

One of my favourite episodes so far had Kristy McNichol and Scott Baio as 12 or 13 year old’s. Scott’s character is uncomfortable around girls as he attends an all boys school and continuously reverts to a character called The Claw. Despite this, they manage to share their first kiss and become boyfriend/girlfriend.

The Love Boat seems to be one of the few shows from that generation that is not as well known as say the Brady Bunch or Happy Days. Originally airing in 1977 it ran for 10 seasons (I think).  I was only 6 when it started but I remember watching and loving it in my early teens.

A charming and funny series that is surprisingly still relevant today.

I think I’ll lend my first season DVD’s to my 15 year old niece (she loves Laverne & Shirley) when I’m done and see what she thinks of it. I am looking forward to discovering another familiar face on the next episode as I cruise down memory lane (or ocean as the case may be).


Hodge Podge of Entretainment

I realized today that it has been awhile since I posted and I decided that I needed to write something immediately. The problem is that I don’t have anything that I felt I just had to share.

I was very excited to enter a contest to win fabulous prizes from Meagan Spooner.  To celebrate the release of her amazing story Skylark she is hosting The Sky’s The Limit Contest which you can enter here but I’ve already blogged and tweeted about that and really the fewer of you who know about the better my chances of winning.

I read a long awaited book and was thrilled by it but as it’s still two weeks away from release date I’m not allowed to discuss it. Ah the joy and anguish of receiving advanced copies!

I didn’t go see any new movies this week al though I did watch St. Trinian’s during Coast2Coast Movie Night on Friday and that was a lot of fun. Rupert Everett and Colin Firth lead a star-studded cast in a delightful teen angst romp where the girls of St. Trinan’s are a wild but lovable bunch trying to save their school. Colin Firth is the minister trying to shut it down and Rupert Everett plays both the Head Mistress and her brother.

I haven’t seen the second one yet and apparently there is a third in development. This movie is one of those cult classics that I love and for $2.99 well worth the cost as I will watch it many times over.

I bought some new Kameleon pieces from their new line. These are more stone then silver therefore less expensive while still beautiful. Gotta love less expensive when you are addicted to this gorgeous line of jewellery.


This is the pendant I bought but not the pop.

This week brought the  new season of Big Brother with all it’s twist and turns but as we’re only two episodes in and their hasn’t been too much drama I don’t have much too say about it. Yeah Yeah Yeah Dude is Russell’s brother, big whoop. I’m torn about the coaches thing. I like most of the coaches they brought back but seriously can’t they just have new contestants.  The most exciting thing about last night’s show was finding out that next year we will have Big Brother Canada!

I also started watching The Glee Project. I came in on the third episode and there is a some great talent this year. The mash up’s  that they’ve done were so much fun and seeing Jane Lynch on the last episode (out of her Sue track suit) was very entertaining. The problem is that most of them feel or look like characters that are on the show. Charlie looks like Finn (especially in the video for Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake).

Abraham could be Mike Chang, Aylin could be Sugar (all be it with a better voice), Blake is another Sam, and so on. That’ s not to say that they aren’t good but it feels like been there done that. Nellie is great with a different look then characters we’ve already seen and Lily is fabulous. It will be interesting to see who wins and how they are integrated into the show. Sadly I found out today that Damian McGinty from last year’s Glee Project will not be back  next season.

The other thing that ‘enterTAYned’me this week was learning how to change chords during my guitar lesson. After some practice I am able to go from G to E Minor to C and then D. Not smoothly or even well but I can do it. Now the challenge of learning a different order.

And on that note maybe I should go practice.


Last night I took a friend to a movie. Today is his birthday so I let him choose and we saw Battleship. Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It wasn’t as action packed as Transformers, in fact the action came in spurts. It has the average America saves the world story line with some okay acting and funny lines. I doubt I’ll rush out and buy it on DVD but when it hits the bargain bin I’d buy it just to see Alexander Skarsgård (Eric, True Blood) again.

Sadly I don’t think anyone ever said, “You sunk my battleship” which,  honestly,  I expected them to.

Today I took my youngest niece and the two boys I Nanny to see The Avengers. I say boys but one is 19 and one is 11. We all enjoyed it but I found it a bit drawn out.  Mark Ruffalo was really good as The Hulk and I always love Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman.  The others also did  wonderful in their various roles. The very first shot of of Chris Evans (as Captain America) made me think, now there’s a shot for the ladies!

It’s what you’d expect from a big budget action movie and it doesn’t disappoint visually or with the quick one liners the characters throw at each other. The writing is humorous and laid out clearly even for those of us who haven’t seen the all the different characters movies. This is one I might buy when it comes out. It was nice to see some familiar faces throughout the movie.

All in all it’s been an action packed weekend one might say and I quite enjoyed it.

Love of Pop Music

One of the great things about working in retail is that I have made friends with people of all ages. Not only are they all different ages but they all have different likes. Some aren’t much different than their “covers” but some are hidden delights.

One colleague who is 20 years younger than me give or take a year (boy does that put things in perspective) and asked me in surprise one day if I was serious or sarcastic when I posted on my facebook status that I was excited for the return of boy bands, having just seen The Wanted on Ellen Degneres.

When I told her that I was completely serious and that I love Pop music, especially British or Irish Boy Band music she gleefully told me about this group OneDirection. They weren’t as known then as they are now but she was right I did and do enjoy their music. She recently posted a video on my FB wall and I just have to share it because he is so funny and it’s about One Direction.

So now they have  became HUGE and she has converted another staff member as a fan which has turned into a great debate on her FB wall.  One work friend (our very own Zombie Goth Queen) is pretending she never ‘heard’ any of it because she loves us.  They are funny, crazy and say really ridiculous things and it’s a great feeling no matter what your age to be part of such a amazing group. It’s all very amusing, entertaining and just one more thing that keeps me feeling young.

So tell me: what kind of music makes you feel young again?



My two best friends from High School and I literally live across the country from each other. I am the East Coast Girl, One is the Central Girl and the other is the West Coast Girl.

Last year, as a way to stay in touch, we came up with what we call Coast to Coast Movie Night. We pick a night (usually Friday), pick a movie and time then sit down to watch it while “chatting” with Skype or Facebook Chat. It’s our way of staying connected with each other in the Now while also enjoying some of the Then as we often choose to watch old favourites.

A lot of the time we post lines we love from the movies on our facebook status and it always amazes me when other friends like those lines then add their favourites in the comment field. For instance; last night we were watching The Princess Bride and all I typed into my status line was ‘Inconceivable!’.  Immediately someone commented ” I don’t think that word means what you think it means” another posted “As You Wish” and so on. This is the power of a classic movie. Whether it’s award winning or considered a Cult Classic these movies and those lines touch something in us that we pass down generation to generation, they become part of Family Traditions and are there when we need to laugh or cry.

It lead me to thinking about some of my favourite movies that I’ve been able to share with the kids in my life and I urge you to do the same with the kids in yours. Don’t worry about what they’ll think although you should keep in mind their age and movie interests.  Go ahead, share the magic of musicals with a niece or nephew, take the kid you babysit on a pirate treasure hunt with The Goonies or show a younger sibling the wonder of The Wizard of Oz!

Entertain yourself by generating new fans of some great old films and maybe try opening up to something they love. Look at it as if you were their age again. You just might find a new 16 Candles or Top Gun.

Friends and Johnny Depp

Today’s entertainment comes from visiting a friend who is recovering from surgery and watching Johnny Depp on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

I had today off so I made plans to visit my friend to help relieve some of her bed rest boredom. We share a love for the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean video game and the Ellen DeGeneres show.

The first because we enjoy watching Lego Jack Sparrow run around arms flailing and the second well that’s a no brainer. Ellen is  funny, has great segments like the dance dares and Clumsy Thumbsy,  she just makes you feel good and then there’s always the question of what gift she will give her guests.

We never got to the video game but we did watch Johnny Depp’s first ever appearance on the Ellen Show which of course began a conversation surrounding his age and career. She asked how old he was and I wasn’t sure exactly. I guessed he was 5-10 years older than me (he’s 8 years older).  You should know that while I am a HUGE fan of his work, I am not the kind of fan who knows birthdays, family members names and everything he’s ever been in off the top of my head.  I am also NOT the kind of fan that LOVES everything just because one of their favourite actors is in.

For instance I can do without and do not own his version of Willy Wonka, The Libertine or the Secret Window. I like Ninth Gate but hated the ending. The Tourist was just okay and yet the movies of his I love I watch over and over and over again.  I even own copies of Private Resort and Once Upon A Time in Mexico, though they aren’t my favourites.

I’ve been a fan since he was sucked into the bed in the first Nightmare on Elm Street which my friends and I were watching at one of our Scary Movie Video Parties back in ‘ ’87 which would have made me  17 years old.  As we were watching I told them he was someone to watch, he was going to be big.  That summer while visiting my Dad in Oshawa, I was watching a show on the Fox network called 21 Jumpstreet and there he was again!          I’ve been a fan ever since.

As my friend read off a list of his performances I hadn’t heard of maybe five of them and hadn’t seen 10.  My top three favourites are: 1. CryBaby  2. Ed Wood and 3. is a tie between Chocolat & Benny and Joon.

From a tshirt on 80's Tees

Tomorrow is my birthday and I was lucky enough to win tickets to a preview viewing of his new movie Dark Shadows. I have been bouncing with excitement for weeks waiting so be warned, tomorrow’s post will be brought to you courtesy of Dark Shadows.

Until then,

Sleep Sweet.