Dinner is served

A friend posted this on facebook recently and as both a book lover and someone that runs two book clubs I was immediately smitten with it.  How great would it be to host your favourite fellow book lovers to a dinner and book chat using this tableware?

Then I started hinking about how very few of us every treat our selves to nice or interesting  dishes and why is that? When you were a kid did you have dishes or utensils that were just yours? Maybe a Barbie plate or Bunnykins, maybe a cup or utensils with a favourite character on them? I did. I remember when we were young my sister and I had a set of utensils with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy on the handles. Similar to this set.

I also had my own set of Bunnykins dishes and when we were a little bit older we had these little plastic mugs that a toy Pebbles and BamBam hooked on to.  I remember too having our own tea cup and saucer at Grandma’s place and when we went to visit she would make us tea (very weak mostly milk and some sugar) and give us cookies so we could have tea and cookies with the adults while they talked.  Or the time when I had the Chicken Pox and she made me tea and toast.

When I see those items now safely tucked away but visible in my Mom’s china cupboard it makes me smile and wonder why is it that as a society we don’t often do these types of things anymore. We have become such a throw away society that we forget to save and pass down to the following generations some of the great moments we had. Whether it be our childhood dishes, a favourite toy, a skipping game or a song you sing in the round. Maybe it’s Grandma’s china or tea set or a a song you’re favourite Aunt used to sing to you on car rides.

I urge you to share these memories and moments with the kids in your life. It always makes me smile to see my great nephew using those old Disney character utensils or when my nieces and nephews were little kids to teach them songs my Aunt taught me.


On an unrelated note I found this picture and had to share. So I also urge you to purchase a piece of totally whimsical funiture, something to make you smile every time you see it.