Stumble Onto The Elemental Series….. You’ll Be Glad You Did

While shelving in the Teen Section one day I stumbled upon The Storm by Brigid Keemerer. After reading the back I was intrigued so I took it home with me that night.

Am I glad I did!! It seems I’ve stumbled on something that is sure to be a new favourite series in the Teen Paranormal Genre. I read it within two days and on the third day sold a copy to one of my regulars. She messaged me later to tell me how much she also LOVED IT!!!!  Like me, she is anxiously waiting for Spark.  Unlike me she has already read both novella’s , I have only read  Elemental, I plan on purchasing Fearless this weekend and enjoying it on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I mentioned this series earlier in a general review of my week but enjoyed it so much I thought it needed more attention.

Is the novella that shows us a different side of Michael. I read it after reading Storm which meant I already knew some of where the story would go but was unprepared for how it would change the way I viewed Michael as a character.

Storm is the story of Chris who is the youngest of four brothers who have the ability to control different elements. Chris has the ability to control water, something Becca Chandler is unaware of when she rescues him from being attacked by a couple of bullies.  She gives him water in an attempt to revise him thus changing her life in ways she could never have expected.

Chris and his brothers aren’t just Elementals they are powerful enough to make other Elementals consider them dangerous and therefore want them dead.

This story is beautifully told in a manner guaranteed to keep you turning pages well into the night. It is both simple and direct but at the same time complex and magical. The characters are easy to identify with and the witty banter is so natural you feel as though you are hanging out with old friends.

Fearless is Hunter’s story. A novella I am so excited to read. Hunter is strong in mind as well as body. In Storm he teaches Becca about different stones and how their energies can help. An area I’ve always been very interested in. He also teaches her some self defense moves. I look forward to seeing where his story takes him.

Spark brings us the story of  Gabriel, a boy who is hot in more ways than you can imagine. Gabriel has an affinity with fire. Sometimes he can control it, sometimes he can’t, either way he is as combustible as the Element he is linked to.  Finding out what kind of heat he’ll have to endure is something I can’t wait to do!

The Elementals series may not be anything new but it is told in such a fresh new way that you can’t help wanting to know more about Becca Chandler and the 5 hot Elemental boys whose lives she has become entwined in.

Brigid Keemerer has a fantastic website you can visit to learn more about her amazing series.

or become an Elementalist on her facebook page:

After reading some of the comments on her website it seems that many of her readers are people such as myself who happen to stumble across Storm. We all seem to be in agreement that we’re glad we did.

Maybe you will be too.





What enterTAYned me this week

I wish I could say that Big Brother entertained me this week or even this season but so far I’ve found it to be predictable and annoying. Does Brittany really think she is playing the game? Do any of the coaches really think they have control of their players? And if they do have control of those players, shame on the players.

Janelle did a fabulous job at the coaches competition, she’d give Gene Simmons a run for his money with the tongue control she has. On that note I have to say that there was a competition I could have lived happily not seeing.

This week I read a teen paranormal book that I LOVED I can’t wait for August when the next one comes out.

Storm: The Elemental series by Brigid Keemerer was a new take on people who can control the elements, usually a talent reserved for witches and sorcerers but in this case,  four boys in their teens and early twenties who have lost their parents because of the fear their powers evoke in people.

On her way out of a self-defense class Becca happens upon two guys beating the crap out of another one. Without known why she steps into the fray running off the guys with her car and the threat that she called the police. Thus life as she knew it will never be the same. All the elements you expect are here. She is unsure of her feelings for two different guys. Chris and Hunter are so very different how is a girl supposed to know who to trust? There are major disagreements with her best friend and bullies to contend with and yet it seemed like a whole new world to me. One I can not wait to explore further. I am very excited that the second one comes out in August and so I don’t have long to wait. I was also thrilled to be able to read Michael’s story in the novella called Elemental and to discover that another novella called Fearless will be available tomorrow (July 31) thereby making the wait seem shorter.

My one problem with the book is the cover. The boy on the cover of Storm does not look like the youngest of the brothers who is the hero of this story, he looks like one of the twins. Also the twins don’t look identical which according to story line is inaccurate. Gabriel pretends to be Nick so that he can play on more than one sports team at school. None of this is vastly important in the grand scheme of things nor is it enough to make me stop reading the series especially since they seem to have done a better job on book 2’s cover.

On Saturday I finally got around to watching 21 Jumpstreet starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Though I didn’t find it as funny as many had lead me to believe it was I did enjoy it. I am a Channing Tatum fan and greatly enjoy the moments in a movie when he is just silly like in the band room. I also immensely enjoyed the big reveal during the big take down. I have to say I probably should have seen it coming but I really didn’t.  I look forward to seeing it again.

The most entertaining thing I saw this weekend though was the Pub Crawl I attended. As previously mentioned I work in a book store. Every year we have a pub crawl and we try to make our shirts book related with no mention of the company we work for. One year our shirts said Accio Beer! for those who don’t know that’s a Harry Potter reference. This year we had to pay homage to the best selling book out there so our shirts were grey with a tie on them and the title was Fifty Shades of Drunk. You can imagine the amount of comments we received while walking around town. At one pub a group was sitting on the patio and the guy asked what our shirts said. When I told him he asked what it meant while his girlfriend/date started laughing so I just smiled and said, “She knows. Ask her.” Besides the fun of the t-shirts it was my second oldest nieces’s first pub crawl (she turned 19 in March) and I had so much fun sharing the evening with her. It was a great evening with amazing co-workers, friends and family.

If you had to make a book related t-shirt for a pub crawl what would yours say?