Last night I took a friend to a movie. Today is his birthday so I let him choose and we saw Battleship. Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It wasn’t as action packed as Transformers, in fact the action came in spurts. It has the average America saves the world story line with some okay acting and funny lines. I doubt I’ll rush out and buy it on DVD but when it hits the bargain bin I’d buy it just to see Alexander Skarsgård (Eric, True Blood) again.

Sadly I don’t think anyone ever said, “You sunk my battleship” which,  honestly,  I expected them to.

Today I took my youngest niece and the two boys I Nanny to see The Avengers. I say boys but one is 19 and one is 11. We all enjoyed it but I found it a bit drawn out.  Mark Ruffalo was really good as The Hulk and I always love Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman.  The others also did  wonderful in their various roles. The very first shot of of Chris Evans (as Captain America) made me think, now there’s a shot for the ladies!

It’s what you’d expect from a big budget action movie and it doesn’t disappoint visually or with the quick one liners the characters throw at each other. The writing is humorous and laid out clearly even for those of us who haven’t seen the all the different characters movies. This is one I might buy when it comes out. It was nice to see some familiar faces throughout the movie.

All in all it’s been an action packed weekend one might say and I quite enjoyed it.