Gasp! Am I too old for Pitch Perfect?

I went to see Pitch Perfect expecting to enjoy a fun and funny light-hearted romp about Collegiate A cappella groups.

I did enjoy the movie, laughed out loud a few times and will purchase it for my collection to watch again.

The thing is that I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would and I wonder if it’s because I’m getting older or is it that I have a different sense of humour than the audience this movie is aimed at.  Admittedly there are a few of the Judd Apatow type movies that I like but most of these movies I find repulsive. Even the ones I like (Get Him To The Greek, Bridesmaids) have scenes that I cringe at. This type of gross or potty humour has never really appealed to me and that is my one big problem with Pitch Perfect. It fell flat for me because of that.

The music is fun and done really well. I like that it portrays the main characters as not just fame hungry wanna be singers. One wants to be a DJ and one wants to score movies. I like that Fat Amy is confident and content with herself and even portrayed as sexy. It’s enjoyable for me (someone in their 40’s) to see the movies of my teenage years to still be so revered (Breakfast Club, Say Anything, etc.).  I really enjoy the fact that they portray a variety of different women. Gone are the days when girls had to be demure and virginal. A couple of the girls are strongly sexually active, one has a gambling problem, some are shy, others outgoing, and yes some are more demure. I really enjoy the variety of personalities shown in this grouping.

I also could have done with out all the over used Acca- phrases thrown out, though a few of them were quite clever.

Is the movie predictable. Sure is! That is not necessarily a bad thing though. The nerds and weirdos come into their own and lets face it, rooting for the underdog is what we do and what these movies are all about. Overall the movie was a good time on a dreary Saturday afternoon.

I give Pitch Perfect 3 and 1/2 film reels out of 5


Changing It Up

Recently a friend and I went to the movies. Usually we go see movies considered to be chick flicks. You know the type, romantic comedies or tear jerkers like Nicholas Sparks movies but this time we decided to change it up and see End of Watch.

End of Watch is gritty, gruesome and disturbing. It is filmed strangely jumping back and forth from the view of a characters video camera to us watchng the characters. Almost has the feel of a reality show. The story at times felt choppy but by the end it had come together. This movie is funny, raw and heartwrenching while reminding us that not only soldiers but cops and fireman put their lives on the line for us everyday.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Mike Zavala as police officers who stumble into various activites of a drug cartel often enough that a price is put on their heads. Gyllenhaal plays Brian Taylor, an ex-marine now a cop woking his way through law school. He is filming almost everything for a class and this gives us a unique view of his day to day activities both professional and personal. He convinces his partner to help him dig deeper into the cartel, rescues children from aburning house and falls in love.

This isn’t your typical He-Man cop movie. Not only does Anna Kendrick play the role of Janet (Gyllenhaal’s love interest, Natalie Martinex plays Gabby (Mike’s wife) and both America Ferrera and Cody Horn play cops. Two of the gang members are also females.

Over all ,as gruesome and raw as it was, I thought End of Watch was really well done. Oscar material? Probably not but still a really interesting movie. Will I add it to my collection? I’m going to say no as it was incredibly graphic. Would I watch it again? Sure, if a friend wanted to see it I’d watch it again. Over all I’d recommend seeing it if you can handle the graphic violence.

I give End of Watch 4 out of 5 film reels.