Commercial of Wholesomeness

Today I saw for the first time this new commercial from the Honeymaid people. My first thought was “It’s about time” and my second thought was ” I can’t wait for this to be unnoticeable.”

This commercial shows families and love but the interesting thing that I can’t wait until it becomes commonplace is that one family is gay, one is biracial, one is traditional and one is unusual in that they are a rock and roll tattooed type of family.

Now here’s the thing, I don’t care what types of people your family is made up of there are going to be ups and downs, moments of laughter and moments of tears. No family is perfect though I know a few that seem close to it. These can be families of all sorts. The thing is though, no matter what happens within your family in good times or bad they are your family and you love them and that is what matters.

To me this commercial says all of that and I say kudos to you Honeymaid Grahams people. Thanks you form making my S’Mores and the world a little sweeter.


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