What is Blue Gold And What Does It Cost?


Blue Gold by Elizabeth Stewart is the compelling story of three very different girls living in three vastly different areas of the world but more importantly how much alike they are.

A young girl living in North America takes a compromising picture of herself for her boyfriend and then they break up. She loses her phone and asks her Dad, who works for the company that makes the phones for a new one. He says he won’t just buy her one, she has to learn to be more responsible but maybe for her birthday.

A young girl living in Africa and working at a clinic in a refuge camp befriends one of the doctors there. This young lady is dealing with the horrors of being raped, her father’s death and being displaced from her home. On top of that the leader of the local gang has taken an interest in her putting her life and those she cares about at risk. All because of a mineral that is highly sought after for producing electronic gadgets like tablets and smart phones.

A young girl living in rural china moves to the city with her cousin to work at a factory that makes cell phones. She is lured there by the promise of money (she can send some home to help her parents) and her cousins description of the fun they can have. Unfortunately all is not what it seems. The workers are forced to work long hours and have little freedom.

Blue Gold brings to the light the true cost of the modern conveniences that many Westerners take for granted. This is the kind of story I can see teachers using, no make that the kind of story teachers SHOULD be using in their classrooms.

The story unfolds following each girl through the hardships they face, the roles they play within their family and community, and the changes they male in their lives because of those difficulties. It shows how one person can make a difference and how strong an individual can be.

I give this 4 out of 5 reads.


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