Book Club reads Naughty Girls Book Club

naughty girls

As mentioned before I run a couple of book clubs at the store I work in. Our last meeting of the romance book club we discussed The Naughty Girls Book Club by Sophie Hart. This is the story of a 40 something year old divorced woman who is looking for a way to increase business at the coffee shop she owns. When the book store across the street closes it’s doors she decides to start a book club.

The very first meeting they discuss a classic but it looks like it may be a bust until she accidentally makes the next pick the hot new erotic fiction that everyone everywhere is reading. This leads to the book club reading various romantic and erotic stories from many years as picked by the members of the group.
Through the various meetings you come to know the different characters and how they relate to the stories they are reading.

The members are of various ages and become friends on their reading journey. They fall in love or out of love and work on their relationships throughout the story.

It was a fun read. Really gripped me in the beginning, got a little dry in the middle but picked up again. It is a story I would recommend if you are looking for a nice light read. While parts of it are sexy I don’t know that I would call it Naughty and I certainly wouldn’t term it as an erotic read. But then again I don’t find 50 Shades of Grey to be all that erotic either. Way to clinical. I would classify this book as being chick lit, along the lines of Jennifer Crusie, Cathy Kelly or Cecelia Ahern.

I really enjoyed comparing the books they read with ones I have read and I certainly discovered new ones to read. It was interesting to see which stories the author chose for the club to read.

I would give this story 3 Reads out of 5. A good story but not great.

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