Supernatural, The Charmed of Today


A few months ago a friend lent me her 8 seasons of Supernatural on DVD. We had talked so often about shows we liked and she is always introducing me to new ones when she mentioned that if I liked Charmed I would like Supernatural. Boy was she right!

For those that don’t know Supernatural is about two brothers who come from a Demon Hunting family. The oldest brother Dean (played by Jensen Ackles)
has grown up always involved in the family business but the younger brother Sam (played by Jared Padalecki)
left the family business to pursue a normal life. Only to be dragged back in after his girlfriend is gruesomely murdered in the same way as their mother had been.

I have been watching the different seasons on and off for a few months and am currently up to the seventh season. While the show is a constant battle of good versus evil and is far more than just demon hunting it is a lot like Charmed was and I often find myself thinking how amazing it would be if the Winchester boys ended up on a case that caused them to run into the Halliwell sisters. How much fun it would be to have those two groups working together to take down the bad guys!

My favourite episodes are the ones that aren’t so focused on the storyline of Angels vs Demons and more about the hunting of various supernatural beings. As much as I love Castiel (played by Misha Collins) I get tired real quickly with the fallen angels line.

The episodes with the prophet, in particular the Supernatural Convention, are a lot of tongue in cheek fun. As are the episodes where Dean and Sam are somehow transported into an alternate version of themselves, like the one where they find themselves to be actors portraying Dean and Sam in a tv show. These are the episodes that are chock-full of pop culture references often to other shows of this genre. These are the episodes that make you feel as though you are not only in on the joke but also along for the ride.

Another great aspect of the show (besides all the great looking guys) is the rocking music. Dean’s character is a Classic Rock lover and that means that every episode is filled with great songs. Often the music selected is as much a character in the episode is any other.

If you haven’t yet caught on to Supernatural I would highly recommend a viewing. The corny jokes that Dean spits out alone are worth it.


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