Songs of Dusk

Last night I enjoyed a performance given by Jazz Singer Matt Dusk. I was lucky because I was unaware he was coming to town until I entered to win tickets about a week ago.

I first heard of him 6 or 7 years ago when he performed at one of the casinos in Las Vegas as part of a reality show. Shortly after that he had a concert here in town which I attended with a friend and we really enjoyed ourselves. I have to say though I have not given him much thought since then.

Matt Dusk sings what is known as the standards as well as some original songs and he has a nice voice. He is an excellent on stage performer making fun of himself and how cheesy the jokes are. There was Salsa dancing and even a few cartwheels. And yet, somehow it’s all too much without being enough. When I watch him I feel like I understand judges who say, “You don’t have IT”, to a participant. He’s fun to watch. Enjoyable to listen to but that’s all.
If you get the chance to see him perform live you should take it. It’s definitely a fun evening out.