Zombies With Heart


Some friends and I decided to go see Warm Bodies as a “Yeah We’re Single So What?”  Valentine’s Day outing. Who says the day has to celebrate romantic love only? We refuse to be told we’re lesser than just because we don’t have dates. So we all went to dinner and a movie and had a great time.

Warm Bodies is the kind of movie that becomes a cult classic. It doesn’t pretend to be more than it is, it has the 80’s power ballad anthem song and is just cheesy enough. The movie is full of Zombie Ass-Kicking action, teen angst, romance, lots of laughs  and family drama sure to please all that see it. Wait! Let me rephrase that. Not everyone will enjoy this movie but you know what I mean.

The movie has been out for several weeks now and even though Tuesday is cheap night at our local theatre we didn’t expect the theatre to be as full as it was.  A good sign that this movie is getting incredible word of mouth. Turns out that it is very well deserved word of mouth. Though Warm Bodies won’t be nominated for any Oscars I expect to see it at the Teen Choice, People’s Choice and MTV Awards!

The Heart-Throb Zombie is R played expertly by Nicholas Hoult, sure to become one of this generations leading men. Some of his credits include Xmen: First Class and the upcoming Xmen movie,  About  a Boy, A Single Man and the soon to be released Jack the Giant Slayer. Look out Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron I have seen the competition and his name is Nicholas Hoult.


When our main Zombie and a group of his friends go hunting they come across a group of young humans out scrounging for medical supplies. Somehow in the midst of the feeding frenzy he falls for Julie (get it yet?) and saves her from being eaten or kidnaps her depending on your point of view. Julie has lost her mother and now her boyfriend in this recent feeding frenzy. She also happens to be the daughter of the leader of the remaining humans. Julie is played by Teresa Palmer. Some of her credits include Bedtime Stories, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and I Am Number Four where she herself plays an alien. Teresa was very believable as both a kick-ass zombie fighter and someone with a big enough heart to give peace a chance.


Other things I enjoyed about this movie: Julie’s bestfriend played by Analeigh Tipton, R’s bestfriend father figure played by Rob Corddry and of course John Malkovich as her Dad. And lets not forget that at least parts of this movie were filmed in Montreal.

If you are looking for a movie to take a tween/teen sibling, niece/nephew or kid of any relation to you than this may be the one you would both enjoy.

I give this film 5 out of 5 Film Reels.

I will definitely be adding this one to my movie collection.


Dualed byElise Chapman

A couple of weeks ago I read a copy of Dualed because a friend had posted a clip of the audio version on their facebook page, it intrigued me. As I walked by my book case I noticed I had an advanced copy on my TBR pile so I thought Why Not?

Dualed by Elise Chapman brings together bits and pieces of all my favourite YA Dystopian novels yet stands all on its own. West Grayer is a strong female character that I’m pretty sure could take down Katniss (especially the Katniss in The MockingJay), could give Triss a run for her money and show Saba (from Blood Red Road) a thing or too about pushing people away.

In the town of Kersh every citizen must prove their worth before their 20th birthday by killing their ALT, a genetic replica of themselves. Only the strongest, fastest, smartest are desired in this safe town in a world that’s been destroyed.  West has been preparing for this all her life but when her turn comes after losing almost everyone she’s loved she makes some decisions that take her on a journey she would never have expected taking.

How does one survive ones conscience in a town where every adult has committed murder? Where winning means not only better food, a job and a better life but also that you have killed a carbon copy of yourself? Dualed presents these questions and many others to the reader while taking them on a journey filled with strife, survival and romance.

Dualed is Elise Chapman’s debut novel and is expected to be followed by a sequel in February 2014. I look forward to reading it and more from this new Canadian author.

I give Dualed 4 out of 5 Reads