The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen

About a week ago a co-worker/book club member was telling me about this great new book she had gotten for free from Kobo. She loved it so much she HAD to buy the rest of the series and read it immediately. Having just finished The Fallen Star about 10 minutes ago I have to say that I am about to follow in her foot steps.

The Fallen Star is the story of Gemma Lucas. A girl who has grown up a loner and lacking any emotion or feeling. This all changes with a prickle and a recurring nightmare that turns out to be more of a prophecy.

Gemma has always been fascinated by Astronomy. It is her favourite class at school until the day Alex and Aislin have to share her table. For some reason whenever she is near Alex sparks fly, literally. There is something different about Alex and Aislin besides the electricity that Gemma feels whenever Alex is around. As the three of them are forced to work together on a project, Gemma discovers just how different they all are.

The Fallen Star is a story that I found to be unique and interesting. Though at times I found the flow to be jagged or certain words or phrases didn’t connect over all it was a compelling read. I am anxious to learn more about Gemma, Alex, what exactly happened to Aislin and Laylen and whether or not they can save the world.

Anyone thinking of reading this book needs to be aware of two things.

1:  It has a cliff hanger ending.

2:  It will make you want to read more.

Find out more about Jessica Sorensen and her books at:



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