The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen

About a week ago a co-worker/book club member was telling me about this great new book she had gotten for free from Kobo. She loved it so much she HAD to buy the rest of the series and read it immediately. Having just finished The Fallen Star about 10 minutes ago I have to say that I am about to follow in her foot steps.

The Fallen Star is the story of Gemma Lucas. A girl who has grown up a loner and lacking any emotion or feeling. This all changes with a prickle and a recurring nightmare that turns out to be more of a prophecy.

Gemma has always been fascinated by Astronomy. It is her favourite class at school until the day Alex and Aislin have to share her table. For some reason whenever she is near Alex sparks fly, literally. There is something different about Alex and Aislin besides the electricity that Gemma feels whenever Alex is around. As the three of them are forced to work together on a project, Gemma discovers just how different they all are.

The Fallen Star is a story that I found to be unique and interesting. Though at times I found the flow to be jagged or certain words or phrases didn’t connect over all it was a compelling read. I am anxious to learn more about Gemma, Alex, what exactly happened to Aislin and Laylen and whether or not they can save the world.

Anyone thinking of reading this book needs to be aware of two things.

1:  It has a cliff hanger ending.

2:  It will make you want to read more.

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I Love Christmas Music

It’s true. Despite the fact that I work retail and am forced to listen to the same songs every day on a loop, often versions that I dislike, I still love Christmas music. In fact I am one of those people who will listen to Christmas music any time of the year.

Every year I go looking for something new to add to my collection. I scour iTunes and  HMV in anticipation of finding a new song or album to love, the one to top my Christmas playlist. In a world full of great song writers you would think it would be easy to find cd’s full of new songs about Christmas and the holidays. Sadly I find this to be untrue.

Every year I buy my Mom a new Christmas cd for her birthday in November.  This year it was Rod Stewart’s album Merry Christmas, Baby. A good album and it features Michael Buble (another favourite of Mom’s) on a duet of Winter Wonderland. Of the 13 songs available only one was unfamiliar to me, Red Suited Superman.

I love Rod Stewart’s voice. I love Michael Buble’s voice. There are a lot of artists out there that I love but must they all sing the same songs? On a cd of 12 or 13 songs must ony one of them be an original tune? One of my all time favourite Christmas albums is Nsync’s Home for Christmas partially because of the fact that out of 14 songs on this album only 2 of them are classics and partially because the songs are very pop and catchy!

Don’t get me wrong I love the classics too. I just don’t need 16 different version of Winter Wonderland or Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire. Not to mention my horror of Barbara Streisand’s version of Jingle Bells. I appreciate that she tried to make it her own and add some flair but it’s just terrible.

I love iTunes for this reason. I can buy Rod Stewart’s Red Suited Superman or These Kids Wear Crowns Red White and You

or Cee Lo Green’s All I Need is Love featuring the Muppets without buying the whole cd.

If you haven’t heard All I Need is Love you should really check it out!

I was very excited to hear that this year Olivia Newton John and John Travolta were releasing a Christmas cd. As someone who grew up adoring Grease, how could I not be excited? Even though the cd is primarily classics I had to have it. The one song that I was new to me, I Think You Might Like It,  is a lot of fun and their playful version of  Baby, It’s Cold Outside made me smile. They have a lot of guest stars on this album which adds a nice bit of flair to the old classics but still it’s probably going to be those two songs that I listen to the most.

My search continues for new and fun Christmas songs. If you’ve got a new favourite please share it with me. And any singer/songwriters out there, please give us something new to enjoy!



Gasp! Am I too old for Pitch Perfect?

I went to see Pitch Perfect expecting to enjoy a fun and funny light-hearted romp about Collegiate A cappella groups.

I did enjoy the movie, laughed out loud a few times and will purchase it for my collection to watch again.

The thing is that I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would and I wonder if it’s because I’m getting older or is it that I have a different sense of humour than the audience this movie is aimed at.  Admittedly there are a few of the Judd Apatow type movies that I like but most of these movies I find repulsive. Even the ones I like (Get Him To The Greek, Bridesmaids) have scenes that I cringe at. This type of gross or potty humour has never really appealed to me and that is my one big problem with Pitch Perfect. It fell flat for me because of that.

The music is fun and done really well. I like that it portrays the main characters as not just fame hungry wanna be singers. One wants to be a DJ and one wants to score movies. I like that Fat Amy is confident and content with herself and even portrayed as sexy. It’s enjoyable for me (someone in their 40’s) to see the movies of my teenage years to still be so revered (Breakfast Club, Say Anything, etc.).  I really enjoy the fact that they portray a variety of different women. Gone are the days when girls had to be demure and virginal. A couple of the girls are strongly sexually active, one has a gambling problem, some are shy, others outgoing, and yes some are more demure. I really enjoy the variety of personalities shown in this grouping.

I also could have done with out all the over used Acca- phrases thrown out, though a few of them were quite clever.

Is the movie predictable. Sure is! That is not necessarily a bad thing though. The nerds and weirdos come into their own and lets face it, rooting for the underdog is what we do and what these movies are all about. Overall the movie was a good time on a dreary Saturday afternoon.

I give Pitch Perfect 3 and 1/2 film reels out of 5