Lately I’ve found myself being entertained by some commercials. This hasn’t happened in awhile. I really miss the days of jingles and catch phrases. You know the days when EVERYONE knew what went into a Big Mac because of the song,. Or they would start singing if you sang “I am stuck on….” or ” I wish I was an ….”, sadly those things don’t happen as often.

Sure there are still some examples left. Say zoom zoom and people know which car company you are talking about. And they still use the Juicy Fruit jingle in amusing ways. But unless it’s Super Bowl time commercials are often forgettable.

So when I found myself enjoying some new commercials I thought I should share.

Here’s the first one:

Clever and delicious.

I noticed that in Wendy’s new commercials  the red haired girl is often seen drinking from a Wendy’s glass but it’s always the guy(s) in the commercial actually seen eating the burger. What is up with that? Are women supposed to be so health conscious and worried about our weight that we can’t enjoy a burger once in awhile?  Must we always have a salad, which in a fast food place aren’t necessarily  a healthy choice.  I have to say when I noticed that it ticked me off a little. And yet I laugh at the guys shocked reaction to the competetions burger in his hand. Sadly the only Bacon Portabella Melt commercial I can find has cut out his funny reaction.

While watching MuchMusic one day I saw this fragrence commercial that amused me. I enjoy how it portrays a strong confident woman.

This post led me to thinking about when they over do a good thing. For instance the Old Spice commercials. When they started the “your man can smell like..” commercials they were different and amusing and aimed at the wives and girlfriends who do most of the shopping and that was a clever idea.

What happened to that? The newer ones in the Believe in Your Smellf campaign seem rather more lame to me. Maybe because they are aimed more at the male market and that’s a hmour I just don’t get.


It’s a shame really that in this day and age of DVR’d television and online watching that the commercials aren’t more memorable and share worthy.


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