Love Unscripted = Much Confusion

Love Unscripted by Tina Reber is the story of Taryn Mitchell living the life that a lot of young girls (and some women) dream off. Meeting and falling in love with a celebrity who is filming in her town.

Taryn is a savvy business woman running her own pub and frustrated by the constant talk of her friends and female clients about the movie filming in their small Rhode Island town. When Ryan Christensen, the films hot male lead comes into her pub one day in an attempt to flee some fans, they hit it off.
Despite her feelings for Ryan, Taryn is determined to keep him at the friends level. She has been hurt too many times to fall for a celebrity who will be leaving town in a couple of months.
I had hopes for this story. Being a fan of movies I completely understand the appeal of falling for celebrity. I enjoyed many of the characters including the leads…….for about a moment. This book is one of the most difficult reads I’ve read through. It took me almost two months of forcing myself to read this.
I liked the characters then I didn’t. Taryn started off as a strong minded, wise-cracking business woman full of compassion and a good heart. Ryan is a movie star but still humble, gracious, and enjoys the simple life. But I have to say that at times reading some of the scenes when they are arguing and he is yelling and gripping her arms and do on, well they come off as almost abusive. Especially when Taryn apologizes, backs down or keeps her opinion to herself. It doesn’t make me want to root for them.
 There are too many story-lines. What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. I feel like they both didn’t need to have psychotic fans. Yes there are a lot of problems in life and every good romance novel has it’s fair share of angst and busybodies but THIS many just wasn’t necessary. Yes celebrities have to deal with persistent and even crazy fans, gossip, co-stars even family trouble. But do we have to hear about it over and over and over again? They argue about stories, they argue about guys coming onto her, they argue about money, he often just ignores her concerns and does what he wants to, like the kitchen reno, which really amounted to nothing. It could have amounted to her making the alluded to business arrangement with Tammy and managing her pub while on the road with him. Thereby combining their lives in a complimentary manner.
Less fighting during the meat of the story and an epilogue about the wedding and their life compromises would have made a better story.
Along with the too many story-lines and too many characters there was an inconsistency in language and character. At times Taryn and Ryan come across as almost innocent (which neither of them are) and teenager like, Nudging each other under the table and so on which is sweet and not a bad thing but then at other times they are using more vulgar language and time is spent describing sexy outfits or what they will do to each other but the sex scenes are more glossed over, innocent and brief. For instance at Christmas she gives him a gift which is meant for her to wear but Mr. big time money throwing movie star is only wearing boxer briefs. He could at least have satin or silk or sexy underwear on for her viewing pleasure.  They make love under the tree and in the next paragraph she’s waking up, is it the next morning? Are they in bed? How did that happen? It’s all very abrupt.
I wanted so much to really get behind this story. I liked the story-line and most of the (many) characters. I even disliked the ones we’re supposed to.I liked that the heroine is a strong woman (for the most part) but there was just too much going on. I also didn’t enjoy the first person narrative. I usually dislike First person but this was really bad.
I read this as an EARC through NetGalley and can only hope that before it went to print many of these issues were addressed. Which I am guessing didn’t happen as apparently this book is at least two years old an a sequel was released.
I wonder if I will ever be curious enough to read the second but I’m doubting I will.
I can only give this 2 out of 5 reads


Lately I’ve found myself being entertained by some commercials. This hasn’t happened in awhile. I really miss the days of jingles and catch phrases. You know the days when EVERYONE knew what went into a Big Mac because of the song,. Or they would start singing if you sang “I am stuck on….” or ” I wish I was an ….”, sadly those things don’t happen as often.

Sure there are still some examples left. Say zoom zoom and people know which car company you are talking about. And they still use the Juicy Fruit jingle in amusing ways. But unless it’s Super Bowl time commercials are often forgettable.

So when I found myself enjoying some new commercials I thought I should share.

Here’s the first one:

Clever and delicious.

I noticed that in Wendy’s new commercials  the red haired girl is often seen drinking from a Wendy’s glass but it’s always the guy(s) in the commercial actually seen eating the burger. What is up with that? Are women supposed to be so health conscious and worried about our weight that we can’t enjoy a burger once in awhile?  Must we always have a salad, which in a fast food place aren’t necessarily  a healthy choice.  I have to say when I noticed that it ticked me off a little. And yet I laugh at the guys shocked reaction to the competetions burger in his hand. Sadly the only Bacon Portabella Melt commercial I can find has cut out his funny reaction.

While watching MuchMusic one day I saw this fragrence commercial that amused me. I enjoy how it portrays a strong confident woman.

This post led me to thinking about when they over do a good thing. For instance the Old Spice commercials. When they started the “your man can smell like..” commercials they were different and amusing and aimed at the wives and girlfriends who do most of the shopping and that was a clever idea.

What happened to that? The newer ones in the Believe in Your Smellf campaign seem rather more lame to me. Maybe because they are aimed more at the male market and that’s a hmour I just don’t get.


It’s a shame really that in this day and age of DVR’d television and online watching that the commercials aren’t more memorable and share worthy.

Changing It Up

Recently a friend and I went to the movies. Usually we go see movies considered to be chick flicks. You know the type, romantic comedies or tear jerkers like Nicholas Sparks movies but this time we decided to change it up and see End of Watch.

End of Watch is gritty, gruesome and disturbing. It is filmed strangely jumping back and forth from the view of a characters video camera to us watchng the characters. Almost has the feel of a reality show. The story at times felt choppy but by the end it had come together. This movie is funny, raw and heartwrenching while reminding us that not only soldiers but cops and fireman put their lives on the line for us everyday.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Mike Zavala as police officers who stumble into various activites of a drug cartel often enough that a price is put on their heads. Gyllenhaal plays Brian Taylor, an ex-marine now a cop woking his way through law school. He is filming almost everything for a class and this gives us a unique view of his day to day activities both professional and personal. He convinces his partner to help him dig deeper into the cartel, rescues children from aburning house and falls in love.

This isn’t your typical He-Man cop movie. Not only does Anna Kendrick play the role of Janet (Gyllenhaal’s love interest, Natalie Martinex plays Gabby (Mike’s wife) and both America Ferrera and Cody Horn play cops. Two of the gang members are also females.

Over all ,as gruesome and raw as it was, I thought End of Watch was really well done. Oscar material? Probably not but still a really interesting movie. Will I add it to my collection? I’m going to say no as it was incredibly graphic. Would I watch it again? Sure, if a friend wanted to see it I’d watch it again. Over all I’d recommend seeing it if you can handle the graphic violence.

I give End of Watch 4 out of 5 film reels.

Old Hollywood Movies & Musicals

I grew up watching old movies on tv, especially old musicals.

They have such a feel good quality to them, making your day feel brighter and not just because they are filmed in Technicolor!

I enjoy watching the complex group dance scenes and singing along with the catchy songs but I adore  the fashion. The fabulous dresses and gorgeous shoes. The men in their sharp suits and everyone wearing amazing hats.  The fashion in these films, for me anyway, is a character in itself.

I’ve started to collect some of these old favourites on DVD and BluRay.  Most of them have to be ordered which is a shame. One of the things I miss most about giving cable up, are the channels that show the old movies, like TCM. Luckily they have an incredible website to peruse and purchase from.

Not only is it chock full of information about all the old movies it has a fun stuff section with wallpaper, screensavers, trivia  and so on.

Some of my all time favourites are the movies that star Judy Garland, June Allyson, Van Johnson, and Lucille Ball. Then there are the ones that star Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelley, Katherine Hepburn or Audrey Hepburn. And let’s not forget Peter Lawford,  Andy Rooney, and Doris Day. I especially enjoy the movies that include more than one of these stars. For instance: Two Girls and a Sailor stars June Allyson & Van Johnson but has a star studded cast of characters as well.

Every Christmas while wrapping presents it is a ritual for me to watch Little Women (starring June Allyson, Elizabeth Taylor and Margaret O’Brien, Meet Me in St. Louis and White Christmas.

Two or three times a year I can be found watching Good News, Two Girls and a Sailor, Singing in the Rain and Sabrina.  Every month I watch an Elvis movie. My personal faves are Clambake, Roustabout, G.I Blues and Blue Hawaii. it tickles my funny bone when Angela Lansbury says “He didn’t give his Mama any goodnight sugar.” And when Elvis sings Rainbows in G. I Blues it touches my heart.

Whenever I get the chance I share these old movie favourites with my nieces and my younger friends who may not be as familiar as them with I am. Last year I shared my White Christmas watching and wrapping ritual with my good friend A. She had never seen the whole movie. What a great way to share the Christmas spirit and we had so much fun.

I urge you to take the time to find a classic or choose your favourite one and share it with someone who has never seen it but has similar taste to you. You may be surprised by their observations.