The Bridge

The Bridge begins with a small group of kids trying to survive in a war they suddenly find themselves participating in when just two weeks ago it was something they knew existed but was vaguely on the periphery of the world.

Nik is in school and has been fiercely studying so that when the time comes he will be excepted into the ISIS (Internal Security and Intelligence Services) unlike his friends at school, Nik is an orphan. He is also different in both looks and attitude. For example he has learned to speak Breken from one of the guards at the school. Something that becomes very useful when he finds himself (along with Fyffe) across the bridge in Moldam (enemy territory) looking for Sol (Fy’s 8 year old brother) who has been kidnapped.

Jane Higgins has written a good story that falls into the very popular dystopian fiction genre. It is a story that speaks of prejudice and corrupted power. It speaks of how easily we as humans can turn on each other. Of the constantly ongoing battle of right and wrong, good and evil. Of hope.

In the beginning I found myself struggling to find an interest in the story. I was instantly encouraged by how well I felt I knew the characters but that interest started to fade with the never ending overload of information about this new world I found myself in. Names of new cities, peoples, etc were constantly coming up and frankly I found it annoying.

But half way through the story I was so invested  in the characters and their story that I moved past that and was able to engross myself in their world and endure their struggles with them. By the end of the story I was looking forward to finding out what their future will be.

This is a good story for fans of Maze Runner, Blood Red Road and others of that ilk.

You can find out more about Jane Higgins and The Bridge at her website.

Including  (but not limited to) this trailer for The Bridge.


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