Learning Stuff from A&E Reality TV

I hooked my cable into my internet to get a clear picture since I don’t have cable. Instead of the three free channels I expected to see  I receive a weird mix of various channels which is nicer than only having three channels I will say.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been watching Storage Wars, Storage Wars Texas, Cajun Justice, and more recently Duck Dynasty and American Hoggers. The thing I love about these shows is seeing how other people live. The things they eat that I would never consider eating. The things they do for fun.

But even more I love that despite all the very strange differences there are still so many similarities. Working to support our families. Loving  family and friends even when we are arguing with them. Having fun and  living life.

The treasures and trash that they find on the Storage Wars shows is so fascinating but man could I do without Dave. I am sorry but I don’t believe you have to be that much of a jack ass to get ahead and be the best. I often try to find a worthwhile  quality in him but I haven’t been able to.  Darrell and Brandon make me laugh.  Darrell talks about Brandon being negative and not taking the wheel but really the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And Barry just makes me laugh, he finds some of the most interesting things. The Texas version is almost the same. Victor is a jerk.  Moe is the crazy collector. But the ladies who up-cycle their finds make it interesting to see what they will make.

And then there is Krystal “Pistol” on American Hoggers.  She is determined to prove that anything boys can do girls can do better. Though I don’t care who does it better I admire her ability to do it just as well (and yes, most times, better) than her brother. All while being “girly” in pink fringe chaps, wearing makeup and touting a pink rifle.  Krystal and Lea prove that women can handle the tough stuff! You go girls!

The funny thing is that I never thought these shows would hold any interest for me. It just goes to show that there’s always something new to learn.


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