Carnival of Souls

Melissa Marr has created a wonderful world in her new YA novel Carnival of Souls.

Mallory has spent her whole life moving from city to city as her father attempts to keep them from being found by the Daimons he stole from.  Mallory is about to turn 17 and is tired of running, especially now that she has meet Kaleb.

Though she has trained to fight the Daimons from The City she has never met any or so she believes. Mallory believes that the witches like her father have fled the city in fear of their lives which is only a small part of the story. She is unaware of the large role she has to play in the future of the witches and the city alike.

Carnival of Souls is an incredible blend of fantasy mixed with mystery wrapped in romance and sprinkled with action. So many characters working alone, together as well as unknowingly against or with each other makes for an intriguing story that could easily have been dizzily confusing but isn’t.

Flowing smoothly through different worlds while seamlessly blending each new characters story into the fold Melissa Marr has created in a world the I look forward to visiting again in the future. What will happen to Kaleb and Zevi? Will they be able to work with Aya?  Will Belias and Aya ever work through their issues?

Of course the biggest question is what will happen when Mallory learns the truth of it all? I can’t wait to find out.

This is the first book by Melissa Marr that I have read though her Wicked Lovely series  have been out for a few years and she released her first novel in general fiction entitled Graveminders. She also recently released Fairy Tales & Nightmares which I am now even more intrigued to read.



Peruse her website to learn all about Melissa Marr.

I can’t wait to meet her in at The Smart Chicks Kick It Tour on September 16, 2012 at Chapters Dartmouth. I hope she’ll sign my Carnival of Souls ARC and my copy of Enthralled.


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