Movie Mania…..Two Weekends In A Row

The weekend of August 11, 12, and I’m including the 13th because I had the day off I saw a movie a day.

On Saturday I saw The Campaign. I was babysitting and we thought we would go see The Watch starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and others. Sadly J was not old enough as the movie is rated 18A. You have to be 14 to see this movie with an adult, under that you can’t go in at all even with an adult. So we saw The Campaign starring Will Farrell and Zach Galifianakis which is rated 14A. The Campaign was very funny and we both enjoy it but it left us wondering how the ratings system works and what is in The Watch that is worse then The Campaign. The conclusion was that there must be full frontal nudity since The Campaign has; partial nudity,  two people having sex (though you only see their faces while it’s happening), sex words, swearing, violence, etc. I can’t imagine that there is anything worse in The Watch. Guess we’ll have to wait for the video to see.

Normally these types of comedies are not my cup of tea. Occasionally one tickles my funny bone (Bridesmaids, The Hangover and Get Him To the Greek come to mind) and I buy the DVD to watch them again.  For me this movie does not fall into that category. While I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the movie was quite entertaining I don’t see myself wanting to watch it again.

On Sunday a friend and I went to see Hope Springs starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell. This dramedy was beautifully done. The story of a marriage that has stagnated after many years and the couples struggle to learn to communicate with each other again is told in just the right amount of serious and funny moments. It also doesn’t show all of the funniest moments in the trailers which is a good thing.

On Monday  I took the boy I Nanny and his friend to get his school supplies bought and out of the way. Afterwards we went to see The Bourne Legacy. Now none of us had seen any of the previous Bourne movies but luckily it didn’t seem to matter much to the story line. You’ve got an agent and a doctor on the run from the government trying to shut down the program they were part of. Lots of chase scenes, fighting and the indicated promise of another Jason Bourne movie if this one does well. Honestly I was just glad to be able to look at Jeremy Renner for a couple of hours. For me that was what this movie was all about.


This weekend rolled around and J’s mom had to work all night Friday so she needed a chance to sleep Saturday and she had another on call day on Sunday (which was rainy) so she asked me again to take J to the movies. This time we were excited to see The Expendables 2.We both love the first one and had been told that part 2 was restricted so we thought we would have to wait for the DVD. We were very happy to find that to be untrue. You might wonder why we love these movies and for me it’s seeing all the 80’s action stars back in action along with some new faces. It’s the fact that they are all out action movies and don’t pretend to be anything else. I love when the big stars throw those one liner digs at each other causing the audience to laugh.  We enjoyed it so much that when we went back on Sunday (this time with one of J’s friends) he choose to see the same movie so his friend could see it and they could talk about it. While these movies are second after second of some pretty extreme violence, heads blowing off, knife fights,  with body parts and pieces flying here and there in quite a gruesome manner, it’s what makes The Expendables one of the ultimate Action Genre movies.

So there you have my two weekend movie mania. What movies have you seen recently?


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