Pretty Little Liars Makes My Head Hurt

A few weeks ago I started watching the third season of Pretty Little Liars basically because I don’t have cable and it’s on Much Music which is one of the channels I get by some weird chance.  It’s one that a couple of co-workers love and talk about often so I thought why not but honestly I wasn’t paying much attention. Couldn’t even name the main characters, I had to describe them, The Girl Who Swims, The Girl Who’s Mom was On Charmed, etc..

One of the girls lent me the first two seasons on DVD. I Love TV on DVD. No commercials, pause, rewind and the chance to catch everything you missed. It’s great. I am currently in a love/ hate relationship with PLL. I spent the long weekend just past watching season one and part of season two. My head hurts from trying to decipher who’s who, what’s what and what really is going on not to mention the long  hours of watching tv.

I love the music on this show. I love discovering new to me music and this show is introducing me to a lot of new songs.  I love that there are some favourite actors on the show,  the fashion, the pop culture references and some of the story line. I love how it can teach kids about treating everybody with honesty, integrity and the way you want to be treated just like the John Hughes movies I used to watch as a teen.

At the same time there is much I hate about it. Like so many books we read these days it is so repetitive. That is annoying and frustrating.  I Hate when the girls constantly let -A tell them what to do and it hurts their friends, then the friend gets mad forgetting they did the same thing themselves when A told them too. I hate that it seems like a clone of  Veronica Mars. I love Veronica Mars and the fact that so many of the same plot lines are being used drives me crazy. I hate the teacher dating a student line. And the constantly rotating love interests.

Having said all that I get why they do all the things I hate so, I grudgingly  admit that I love it and can’t wait to find out where it goes, providing they don’t drag it on to long, I may even read the books.


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