I Want Her Job

Tonight I saw Snow White and The Huntsman with my mom. It was a belated Birthday/Mother’s Day Celebration.

I found the movie to be visually disturbing and stunning. Charlize Theron is perfectly horrifying as the  Evil Queen while the make Up and CGI transformations are impressive.

While I enjoyed the movie my problems with it are  these:

I am so tired of the romantic trio’s, really it’s a great fantasy that most of us have had at some point.It can be augured to have added interest in both Twilight and The Hunger Games, there really is no need of it in Snow White.

Also I kept expecting characters from other movies to show up. There is one view of the castle sitting high on a cliff when I thought I might see Harry fly by on his broom. Another scene had me looking for Robin Hood while  a third had me expecting someone from Narnia to show themselves.  Not to mention the characters that had me thinking- Avatar. Maybe Hollywood needs some new CGI magicians.

It was the sleeping scene that Had me whispering to Mom that I would like to have Kristen Stewart’s job. It must be great to be paid big money to lie around, pretending to be asleep while waiting for good looking guys to come by, tell you a story about how wonderful you are and then kiss you!


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