Wearable Wit

I am in no way a  fashionista. I like what I like and while sometimes that means dressy, usually it means comfortable like jeans and a tshirt.

The fashion items I most enjoy  are both fun and entertaining. For example my favourite jewellery  (invented right here in Dartmouth Nova Scotia) is Kameleon.   A jewellery line that invites you to buy a starter piece,  a necklace for instance and different jewel pops to fill it.  Believe me when I tell you, you will want more, it’s highly addictive.  So many combinations of pieces and pops for every mood and outfit.  They have both a great facebook page and a fun website where you can play games and win prizes.  http://kameleonjewellery.ca/

Another Canadian fashion piece that is great for expressing  myself is Cows.  Cows is known for their ice cream (anyone who knows me will tell you that ice cream could be listed on the cast of characters) but they also have become famous for their tshirt  designs that portray cows in or as pop culture moments.

Pursuing their website or better yet visiting a store is almost guaranteed to pull a chuckle or two from you.


Two great innovative Canadian companies that I am proud to say I wear! What about you? What’s your best apparel piece for expressing who you are?



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