Northern Girl and Damn Proud Of It

For years I’ve wondered why we here in  Canada didn’t have as much Patriotic paraphanelia as the US.  Their country singers croon about it, the stores are full of  USA apparel and of course it’s spouted on every tv show you see.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that  I just wondered why we in Canada, also very patriotic and proud, weren’t afforded the same chance to express it.

A  few years ago I started to see dribs and drabs of Canadian apparel in stores then came the Vancouver Winter Olympics  and FINALLY  we got our patriotism on!  The theme song for the Olympics was I Believe sung by Nikki Yanofsky.

It seemed to rouse something in our national physche.

Today while listening to Country FX 101.9 I heard Canadian Girl  by Dean Brody

Now despite the fact that I do not watch hockey, shocking  to some I know that a Canadian doesn’t watch hockey but take a deep breath and relax,  the world is still spinning.  I consider myself to be a very proud Canadian Girl.  I am even more proud that we now  have  so many ways to express it.

From Terri Clark’s Northern Girl

to Classified’s Oh…. Canada

we can sing it loud and proud.

Now if we could stop selling off some of our greatest assets to the States (se Zellers and Molson just to name two) we could still be ranting I Am Canadian!


One thought on “Northern Girl and Damn Proud Of It

  1. Ha! Awesome! i went to high school with Classified. that video is spectacular. You’re right though, Tay. We don’t show our red and whites enough. I’ve been in the US for 16 days now and I have seen no shortage of flags flying outside homes, bumper stickers, and apparel. Theses folks are proud and not afraid to show it. I don;t watch hockey either (unless it’s Olympic and national pride is on the line) but there are so many other things to love about The Great White North. xo

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