Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks is a YA novel about 18 year old Emma ( ahuman girl)  and Galen the prince of the Syrena.

Galen has come to Florida on the advice of  his friend Dr. Milligan to check out what seem to be unusual Syrena gifts in a human girl.  He is a Prince of Syrena and his job is to study humans.

Emma has come to Florida with her best friend Chloe and her parents for a vacation. When she trips and falls into Galen she doesn’t realize just how drastically her life will change.

The Syrena world and it’s legends fit in with the water legends of old, both Triton and Poseidon are represented. It is a story filled with intrigue, romance and a lot of humour.  It is a fun easy read that, if you’ll pardon the phrase,   flows well.  This would make a good book club  choice.

If you have any difficulty with the character Edward from the Twilight series as in you consider him to dominating then you may have some issues with Galen.

Having read many YA books of this genre I can’t say I was surprised by much that happened. Except at the very beginning, I can’t say I expected such a big loss right from the onset. But the rest I saw coming, even those tidbits meant to be a surprise. That however does not mean this story was disappointing.

I really liked or disliked the characters and I kept turning pages because even though I knew where the story was headed, the writing was interesting and I wanted to find out more about the characters.

The book  ends in cliff hanger much like Kelley Armstrong’s The Summoning  which is meant to entice the reader into wanting the second book.   Did it work on me? Hard to say. As I said I wasn’t surprised by the big reveal but by the time it came around I was already invested and wanted to see how it played out. I will definitely read the second book, will I rush out to get it on it’s first day out, probably not, but I will read it.

I would give this 4 out of 5


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