Much Music

I’m sitting here tonight watching Much Music which, I admit,  I don’t do too often because most of the time they don’t play videos, instead they choose  to play tv shows most of which have nothing to do with music. But tonight I am watching and a little earlier Tonight’s Top Ten was classified as British Invasion.

They aired the following video and I have to say I like it. Good driving music. May be my new favourite.

Currently Much Music is airing Video On Trial which is a show that has comedians “judge” different videos. It is hilarious! Especially when Trevor, Deborah and Boomer are on it. This is one of my favourites, having been a teenager in the 80’s, enjoy!

If you need a musical laugh check out Video On Trial on YouTube.   It’s even fun to watch them make fun of songs you like.


2 thoughts on “Much Music

  1. Amanda says:

    ahahahaha I totally forgot about Video on Trial! Seriously one of the best shows ever! Now I’m going to have to have a mini marathon!

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