Movie Magic

♪Oh yes it’s Ladies Night , oh what a night…♪

And what a night it was. Tonight several past and present colleagues and I went to see Magic Mike. This movie is loosely based on Channing Tatum’s life as a stripper before he was an actor. The cast has something for everyone, my personal fave is Joe Manganiello (best known for playing Alcide on True Blood) and boy did he get my blood pumping.

Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves immensely and there was much talk about waiting for the DVD to come out so we could see the director’s cut and hopefully some bloopers. The perfect opportunity to have a Girl’s Night In as one person put it. You know the saying “Watch out for the quiet one’s” well we bookstore babes certainly proved that to be true. What a rowdy bunch we are.

The story is pretty much what you would expect and there were no surprises. If you are looking for an evening of staring at some great looking guys in various states of undress and shaking their groove things than this is the movie for you.

I now have new images to enjoy when I hear the songs:  Like A Virgin and It’s Raining Men.

After the movie we headed to Tim’s for some refreshments and to keep the party going.  Again, not a quiet bunch us bookstore girls. I’m sure the staff there were happy to see us leave.

Tonight is also Coast2Coast Movie Night. On the playlist was Easy A starring Emma Stone.

I enjoyed watching it but am now forced to watch The Breakfast Club due to all the 80’s movie references.

Both are great movies but neither will be bringing me the sweet dreams tonight that magic Mike will. 😉




BOOBIES………….In Scarf Form

A few weeks ago my friend A posted this picture on my facebook page

suggesting that I knit her one. I didn’t think it would look good knitted so another friend found this

which looks okay but not as good as the first picture. I mentioned that to A and said that if I made her one I’d have to make one for Berns as well (a friend who calls everyone Boobies) and then I let the subject drop.

Meanwhile I was hatching a plan to make one at Mom’s.

The following week I went to visit Mom, the wonderful person who taught me almost everything I know about sewing, knitting, crochet and crafting in general. She’s  always willing to help me with my crazy schemes. Last year she helped me make a onesie for the 19 year old I Nanny (well used to Nanny).

The first night of my visit I explained the idea to her, the second we bought some pink material and on the third and fourth nights the fun began. I showed her the picture and we went Internet searching for a pattern or tutorial or something to guide us in our quest to make a boobie scarf. We finally found one we liked and got to work.

My Mom being the genius that she is (and a foster Mom to two beautiful baby girls) suggested that we use old baby bottle nipples as we had no felt or beads as the tutorial called for.  So that’s what we did.

I love these crafting moments with my mom as we generally get silly and much laughter exudes as you can imagine it did in this endeavor. Mom told me that when she was young they used to knit Peter Heaters  for male skiers when she was young and I just about died laughing. An online search for those or Willy Warmers will lead you to many many patterns as well as some other interesting ones. Like a penis shaped cover for your chapstick, I kid you not and No A, Berns or anyone else who might ask I WILL NOT knit you one of those! LOL

In the end we managed to spend a few evenings laughing and making great memories while making three scarves; one for A, one for Berns and the third I’m not sure, maybe I’ll auction it off to the highest bidder .

Aged by Rock of Ages

Tonight a group of us went to see the movie Rock of Ages. I should preface this by saying I really enjoyed the movie and laughed more than I thought I would.

Having said that I don’t know that we were supposed to laugh as much as we did.

I thought Tom Cruise did a good job (not great but good) as Stacee Jax but I don’t buy him as the sexy Rock God that makes girls swoon with a look. I’m not sure who he was trying to channel, it seemed like a mix of Jagger, Flea and Axel Rose. Which I have to say hold no appeal for me.  I feel they could have  gotten someone who would appeal to a larger variety of people. Like Jon Bon Jovi used to. When I was in high school in the 80’s it didn’t matter what music you liked or what type of guy appealed to you practically every girl I knew thought Bon Jovi was sexy.

And I feel like they may have been able to find a better Sherrie. I like Julianne Hough but her voice reminds me of what I hear in musicals from the 40’s and 50’s when girls sang in those pure bell like tones very sweet sounding with  none of the rough and grit you need from a rock singer.

Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Amanda Seyfried heck even an unknown might have pulled it off better.

I had gone into this thinking it would be a great musical, something I could sing along with seeing as the soundtrack is that of my teen years and to some degree I could but I really didn’t want to. I had thought that this could maybe some day be like singalong Sound of Music or Rocky Horror Picture Show or Mama Mia!, I don’t see that happening. For some reason they state that the time is 1987  they could have left that statement out especially since the songs are from many different years within the 80’s.

There were some good parts to the movie.

Russell Brand plays the perennial Russell Brand character which is always good for a laugh and I must say he was part of the only real surprise in the movie, which looking back on it shouldn’t have come as a surprise but it did.

Catherine Zeta Jones did a great job both as the pious righteous character and with her singing.

New comer Diego Boneta is absolutely believable as Rock Star Wanna Be and good looking enough to pull it off.

Mary J Blige certainly holds her own as well.

Despite the things that I wish they might have done differently (like why they named the main female lead Sherrie but didn’t sing Oh Sherrie)  I did have a good time watching this movie and I will certainly add it to my collection, however it will not be watched as much as some of the others are.  And when I want to listen to these songs I will load my 80’s rock playlist onto my Ipod instead of reaching for the soundtrack.

I saw a review on IMDB that says this movie is comparable to Grease in that Grease was a good representation of high school in the 60’s. I don’t buy it. You can not compare this movie to Grease.  While it may become a cult favourite it does not have the clout and appeal of Grease. Nor does it necessarily represent the 80’s. Where was all the hair? The blue eye shadow? Why did Sherrie’s hair remind me of Fara Fawcett from Charlie’s Angels which is classic 70’s?

Good for a laugh, good for a trip down memory lane  but not great. I’d give it 3 film reels out of 5.

A few of my favourite moments:

-When Sherrie (Julianne Hough) says that she sings better than she dances.

-When Sherrie is standing in a record store and beside or behind her you see the original Footloose album.

-The church ladies singing and dancing to Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

Awesome Award Show

Sunday night was the MMVA’s which I was very much looking forward to seeing.  I was visiting my mom and we were working on something special and I forgot to watch them.  I caught a bit of them yesterday but was finally able to catch the whole show today.

Now, as previously mentioned I am NOT a teenage or even 20 something year old girl. I am a 41 year old woman and self-proclaimed Pop Princess. I look forward to the MMVA’s even more so than the Grammy’s. They are more fan oriented with much shorter speeches and usually the red carpet is a phenomenal spectacle of crazy exciting entrances as well as great performances.

I’ve seen Mariana’s Trench arrive in a Hot Tub and Katy Perry drive up in an ice cream truck. This year imagine my extreme disappointment when only Mariana’s Trench arrived in style. Dressed as soldiers on horseback and arriving in a bouncy castle thank you M.T. for not letting your fans down.  Although Carly Rae Jepsen did arrive with two buff guys cleaning her car.

As per usual the performances were fantastic. Carly Rae Jepsen sang Call Me Maybe from a phone swing and bantered with LAFMO who were incredibly fun to watch as the co-hosts of the show.

Hedley, Mariana’s Trench, LMFAO, Kelly Clarkson, Ed Sheeran, Nelly Furtado,

Flo rida  and

Katy Perry    all performed.

I loved the glow of the led rings that glittered in the crowd during Katy’s song.

And it wouldn’t be a MMVA show these days without Justin Bieber who arrived at the show holding his baby brother and closed the show with All Around The World/Boyfriend. My only question is what’s with the pants?

At first I thought I was back in the 80’s and he was wearing Hammer pants. I will say to my young friend E. that since we last discussed it at Maple Leaf Monster Jam, Boyfriend has actually grown on me. The more I hear it the more I like it but I still don’t think it’s his best. On that we’ll have to disagree. 🙂

Let’s not forget the tv actors that came by to present the awards like Glee’s  Chord Overstreet and Darren Criss, Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family, Lucy Hale star of Pretty Little Liars, Shenae Grimes flew in from 90210,  and Jesse Metcalf  left Dallas to present an award.

Hopefully by next year the fantastical entrances will be back but even if they aren’t I’ll be happy with as long as they keep bringing the incredible performances.


The White Oak by Kim White


Cora and Lucas are twins living with their abusive Father and Grandfather. Cora has a knack for gardening while Lucas is a computer whiz. The title of the book comes from the giant white oak on their land which most people think is dead but Cora can feel that deep down it is indeed alive.

When Cora and Lucas were young they discovered that many caves and tunnels run under their land as well. To escape they would spend hours each day exploring and carving new routes. Whenever they would seemingly come to a dead end Cora would hear a voice telling imploring her to find him and leading her in the direction she needed to go to do so.

The White Oak is a fantasy adventure story that reminded me of that old tv show called The Odyssey. It was about a kid in a coma but in his coma he was on a quest to find something.

Something happens at the funeral of Cora and Lucas’ father that leads Cora on her own quest. First to find her brother then to get them out of the strange land they’ve found themselves in and also to discover if their really is anyone behind the voice she’s heard all these years.

Kim White has generated a technologically magical world which begs to be explored. As a reader the scene where Cora discovers how everyone’s life stories are written left me breathless and a little overwhelmed. Kim’s imagery and word play are fantastic.

The characters you meet via Cora are so interesting and the world they inhabit is so varied that I can not wait to see where the story takes me in the next two books.

If you get the opportunity I highly recommend giving The White Oak by Kim White a read.

5 out of 5 reads for originality and the fact that I can’t wait to read book 2.

I Want Her Job

Tonight I saw Snow White and The Huntsman with my mom. It was a belated Birthday/Mother’s Day Celebration.

I found the movie to be visually disturbing and stunning. Charlize Theron is perfectly horrifying as the  Evil Queen while the make Up and CGI transformations are impressive.

While I enjoyed the movie my problems with it are  these:

I am so tired of the romantic trio’s, really it’s a great fantasy that most of us have had at some point.It can be augured to have added interest in both Twilight and The Hunger Games, there really is no need of it in Snow White.

Also I kept expecting characters from other movies to show up. There is one view of the castle sitting high on a cliff when I thought I might see Harry fly by on his broom. Another scene had me looking for Robin Hood while  a third had me expecting someone from Narnia to show themselves.  Not to mention the characters that had me thinking- Avatar. Maybe Hollywood needs some new CGI magicians.

It was the sleeping scene that Had me whispering to Mom that I would like to have Kristen Stewart’s job. It must be great to be paid big money to lie around, pretending to be asleep while waiting for good looking guys to come by, tell you a story about how wonderful you are and then kiss you!

Ryan says it Best

In my 20’s I started watching a show called Breaker High. It was a fun lighthearted show that made me laugh and right from the start one of the characters garned all my attention. I use to watch episodes just waiting for him to appear and make me laugh.

After the show ended I was excited to discover him in another show called Young Hercules. While I liked this show it was not as much fun as Breaker High and I didn’t really watch it regularly but I knew that this young actor was one to watch.

Today that young actor has indeed become a household name.  A name you might recognize…..  Ryan Gosling.  With great care he has chosen roles that let him exercise his acting skills. A few that have had mass appeal and several indie type roles have allowed  him to form a career not just be a star.  And might I just mention he is another incredible Canadian export.

Today a friend reminded me about a fun site that features photos of Ryan with quotes that reference different pop culture Teen books.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Photo &amp; text: kdhart<br />Book reference: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Um, awesome submission much? Thanks 143books!<br />Book reference: The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness

The last picture makes reference to one of my favourite Trilogies (Chaos Walking)  and makes me smile every time.

What’s your favourite Ryan Reads?