Testosterone Movie Marathon

It turns out that Friday’s viewing of Battleship was the start of  a testosterone laced movie marathon, that is if you can count three movies as a marathon.

As mentioned previously I enjoyed Battleship for what it was. Wouldn’t rush out and buy a copy but it was okay.

Saturday brought us to The Avengers which everyone is raving about. Again I thought it was ok. I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t rave about it.

Sunday saw us at the theatre once more, this time to see Men In Black 3.  Once again I found myself liking but not loving the movie. This has me wondering if I’m in one of those slumps we sometimes find ourselves in when we are waiting for that next BIG THING.  Because I had the same thought about the book I finished on Friday. Liked it a lot just didn’t love it.

Maybe they were all too predictable, though  familiarity is often what I like in my entertainment what I need might be a taste of something new.

If I knew how to post a rating system on here I would give all three movie 3 out of 5 film reels.


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