Glee’s Graceful Graduation

Last nights season finale had our fb pages all a buzz.

Two songs in and we knew this one was going to be a tear-jerker. Mr. Shue’s version of Forever Young was stunning while Mr. Hummel’s gift to Kurt was funny and fabulous all at the same time. Not to mention incredibly sweet. The world needs more Dad’s like Mr. Hummel.

When I first heard Glee was coming I was excited for it. I watched the first episode several times and thought it wasn’t worth the hype.  I came into it about four episodes later and have loved it ever since.                                                                  Now I am the first to admit that I don’t ALWAYS like how an episode goes and I could have done without Mr. Shue’s version of Kiss but over all it remains a favourite.

I gave up cable a couple of years ago because it wasn’t worth the cost and time I was wasting yet I still watch Glee regularly.  I love how they are teaching a great set of values to today’s generation. How they’ve made watching tv with your family okay again and more importantly they are giving families the opportunity to talk about serious topics. It’s a love I share with my three nieces and  my sister.

The Graduation episode that wrapped this season up was practically perfect. Not everyone got what they wanted, several seniors still have decisions to make and there are enough unanswered questions to have me tuning in come the Fall Premiere. The songs were all fitting and done so beautifully that they  portray the wide range of emotions one goes through in the time of graduation.  Having watched these “kids”  and their teachers learn to love themselves and each other the last few years has been an emotional roller coaster. Here’s hoping the future will be just as lively!

Though it’s been many years since my graduation, it came flooding back last night in such a way that it made me want to call my best friends and giggle like school girls again.  But I’ll keep that for Coast2Coast movie night. Proof positive you can stay connected after graduation.



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