Love of Pop Music

One of the great things about working in retail is that I have made friends with people of all ages. Not only are they all different ages but they all have different likes. Some aren’t much different than their “covers” but some are hidden delights.

One colleague who is 20 years younger than me give or take a year (boy does that put things in perspective) and asked me in surprise one day if I was serious or sarcastic when I posted on my facebook status that I was excited for the return of boy bands, having just seen The Wanted on Ellen Degneres.

When I told her that I was completely serious and that I love Pop music, especially British or Irish Boy Band music she gleefully told me about this group OneDirection. They weren’t as known then as they are now but she was right I did and do enjoy their music. She recently posted a video on my FB wall and I just have to share it because he is so funny and it’s about One Direction.

So now they have  became HUGE and she has converted another staff member as a fan which has turned into a great debate on her FB wall.  One work friend (our very own Zombie Goth Queen) is pretending she never ‘heard’ any of it because she loves us.  They are funny, crazy and say really ridiculous things and it’s a great feeling no matter what your age to be part of such a amazing group. It’s all very amusing, entertaining and just one more thing that keeps me feeling young.

So tell me: what kind of music makes you feel young again?



2 thoughts on “Love of Pop Music

  1. Gaye says:

    I really like The Wanted too Tracy… took me a while to find out who the people were singing these great songs. For a while, I thought it might be Chris Martin(!)

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