Between The Covers Is What Matters

We’ve all heard the old adage -Never judge a book but it’s cover- but let’s be honest the cover is almost always going to be the thing that draws you in.

When you are standing in the book store staring at the rows and rows of books, the first ones you pick up are those that have the covers showing (faced as we call it). When staring at all those choices if  you are looking for sci-fi you aren’t likely going to pick up the one with a couple looking at each other intimately,  if you are looking for a mystery you aren’t likely to pick the one that has a dark background with a teen girl whose hair is fanned out around her and is wearing some elaborate goth prom-like dress. You are looking for a cover that resemble your reading habits.

Finally one peaks your interest, you reach over pick it up and only then to READ anything about the story. Maybe you read the synopsis on the back or the inside flaps. Maybe you’re the type to read the first bit or first few pages but maybe you open it randomly to see if anything grabs your attention. Which ever way it happens it was the cover that got you to this point.

Another fun thing about covers in when you find the same model or picture used on different covers. There are a couple of difference places that show examples of this but the following is one that I like the best.

We tried testing the cover theory in book club a few months ago. We picked two books by the same author. One had a cover that everyone agreed was very appealing and one that left everyone feeling unimpressed. In the end the book that was considered the better read had the less appealing cover. While this little experiment seems to prove the above mentioned nugget of wisdom (which by the way applies to people as well as books) it begs the question – How do they choose covers in attempt to appeal to the widest possible market? Even within the book club there are several differences of opinion on what is most attractive on the cover.

So, the next time you are book shopping remember that thought the cover may be the original source of attraction it really is what’s between the covers that matters.




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