When we love and hate something

So tonight I was all set to post about how my parents instilled in me a love for a variety of music and then I saw this posted on a friends facebook page.

I thought well this is different. I love Alan Rickman and tea let’s see what this is about. What felt like a few minutes into the video I was bored.

Okay dramatic music, slow (very slow motion) we all see where this is going….. and yet I couldn’t bring myself to fast forward. Then it hits you!  Alan gives you that look. You know the one, reminiscent of “and cancel Christmas” or Snape hitting Ron /Harry in potions class and I was riveted.  Didn’t matter that I knew what would happen. Didn’t matter that it was taking too long.  They had me mesmerized.

This is what good entertainment is about. Whether you love something or can’t stand it you CAN NOT look away!  What is it about some tv shows or characters that we love to hate them?  While there are others that we just hate and won’t have anything to do with.

I can’t explain it,  won’t attempt to try but this video is a prime example of it for me. I wanted to fast forward. I wanted to shut it off. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  All that remains to be seen (and only time will tell)  is if I will watch it again.


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