Dark Shadows Preview

As I mentioned yesterday, tonight I went to a preview showing of the new Johnny Depp/Tim Burton movie. I was lucky enough to win the tickets on a local radio station a few weeks ago. I was excited to discover that it was tonight which happens to be my birthday.

I really enjoyed the movie. All the actors were fun to watch and it’s a visual stunner in that there’s a lot to feast your eyes on in each new setting. Yes some will say it’s campy, cheesy, ruined the original and for them it might be but for me it was a fun evening and one I will add to my collection.  The best thing for me is that not all the best lines are shown in the commercials, I hate when they do that. I also enjoy the fact that the ending was left open so that if it’s successful they can make another one.  There’s nothing unexpected if you’ve seen the commercials you know what it’s about and I doubt it’s an award winner just some fun and laughs. I loved the look and feel of an old tv show and the soundtrack is a fun mix as well.

It’s been a long few days of birthday celebrations for me so I’m going to leave it there for now but if you’re looking for a little fun this weekend I’d go see Dark Shadows.  I know I’ll be seeing it again because my niece wants to go.


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