The Joys of What To Expect…. The Movie

First I have to say that I love cheap night night at the movies. Seriously a ticket, combo pack upsized that comes with chocolate all for $18 and change, now that’s a decent price for a night at the movies.

After my weekend of testosterone filled action films I needed something a little lighter. What to Expect When Your Expecting was all I could have hope for and more. A well rounded star studded cast  made us laugh and get a bit teary eyed as we followed them through the joys and horrors of pregnancy and adoption.

The Dudes (a father’s group) that you see in the commercials are hilarious. They also show the fundamental difference between moms and dads parenting styles. One dad is fighting buying the dreaded minivan and the way he gets around it at the end made all those in attendance last night laugh  out loud. Chris Rock is the leader of this Dad’s Group which has a code and rules that must be followed.

There is a couple who have been trying to get pregnant and when it finally happens their joy is over shadowed by his father’s announcement that he (and his much younger wife) are expecting as well. The differences between the two women’s pregnancies are just one small example of how different each women’s pregnancy can be.

The movie is also about relationships. Relationships between couples, parents & kids and friends all get highlighted in this movie. I also enjoyed the way they connected all the characters to each other like in Love Actually or Playing By Heart.  The city of Atlanta made  a beautiful background for the movie and the pop culture references were also a fun touch.

As I really enjoyed this movie I’d have to say  my slump may be over.  Whether you have kids, are planning to have kids, or (like myself) are happy with letting others have the little darlings, I highly recommend W.T.E if you need a good laugh.

I’d give it 4 out of 5 film reels.



Testosterone Movie Marathon

It turns out that Friday’s viewing of Battleship was the start of  a testosterone laced movie marathon, that is if you can count three movies as a marathon.

As mentioned previously I enjoyed Battleship for what it was. Wouldn’t rush out and buy a copy but it was okay.

Saturday brought us to The Avengers which everyone is raving about. Again I thought it was ok. I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t rave about it.

Sunday saw us at the theatre once more, this time to see Men In Black 3.  Once again I found myself liking but not loving the movie. This has me wondering if I’m in one of those slumps we sometimes find ourselves in when we are waiting for that next BIG THING.  Because I had the same thought about the book I finished on Friday. Liked it a lot just didn’t love it.

Maybe they were all too predictable, though  familiarity is often what I like in my entertainment what I need might be a taste of something new.

If I knew how to post a rating system on here I would give all three movie 3 out of 5 film reels.

Last night I took a friend to a movie. Today is his birthday so I let him choose and we saw Battleship. Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It wasn’t as action packed as Transformers, in fact the action came in spurts. It has the average America saves the world story line with some okay acting and funny lines. I doubt I’ll rush out and buy it on DVD but when it hits the bargain bin I’d buy it just to see Alexander Skarsgård (Eric, True Blood) again.

Sadly I don’t think anyone ever said, “You sunk my battleship” which,  honestly,  I expected them to.

Today I took my youngest niece and the two boys I Nanny to see The Avengers. I say boys but one is 19 and one is 11. We all enjoyed it but I found it a bit drawn out.  Mark Ruffalo was really good as The Hulk and I always love Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman.  The others also did  wonderful in their various roles. The very first shot of of Chris Evans (as Captain America) made me think, now there’s a shot for the ladies!

It’s what you’d expect from a big budget action movie and it doesn’t disappoint visually or with the quick one liners the characters throw at each other. The writing is humorous and laid out clearly even for those of us who haven’t seen the all the different characters movies. This is one I might buy when it comes out. It was nice to see some familiar faces throughout the movie.

All in all it’s been an action packed weekend one might say and I quite enjoyed it.

Glee’s Graceful Graduation

Last nights season finale had our fb pages all a buzz.

Two songs in and we knew this one was going to be a tear-jerker. Mr. Shue’s version of Forever Young was stunning while Mr. Hummel’s gift to Kurt was funny and fabulous all at the same time. Not to mention incredibly sweet. The world needs more Dad’s like Mr. Hummel.

When I first heard Glee was coming I was excited for it. I watched the first episode several times and thought it wasn’t worth the hype.  I came into it about four episodes later and have loved it ever since.                                                                  Now I am the first to admit that I don’t ALWAYS like how an episode goes and I could have done without Mr. Shue’s version of Kiss but over all it remains a favourite.

I gave up cable a couple of years ago because it wasn’t worth the cost and time I was wasting yet I still watch Glee regularly.  I love how they are teaching a great set of values to today’s generation. How they’ve made watching tv with your family okay again and more importantly they are giving families the opportunity to talk about serious topics. It’s a love I share with my three nieces and  my sister.

The Graduation episode that wrapped this season up was practically perfect. Not everyone got what they wanted, several seniors still have decisions to make and there are enough unanswered questions to have me tuning in come the Fall Premiere. The songs were all fitting and done so beautifully that they  portray the wide range of emotions one goes through in the time of graduation.  Having watched these “kids”  and their teachers learn to love themselves and each other the last few years has been an emotional roller coaster. Here’s hoping the future will be just as lively!

Though it’s been many years since my graduation, it came flooding back last night in such a way that it made me want to call my best friends and giggle like school girls again.  But I’ll keep that for Coast2Coast movie night. Proof positive you can stay connected after graduation.


Love of Pop Music

One of the great things about working in retail is that I have made friends with people of all ages. Not only are they all different ages but they all have different likes. Some aren’t much different than their “covers” but some are hidden delights.

One colleague who is 20 years younger than me give or take a year (boy does that put things in perspective) and asked me in surprise one day if I was serious or sarcastic when I posted on my facebook status that I was excited for the return of boy bands, having just seen The Wanted on Ellen Degneres.

When I told her that I was completely serious and that I love Pop music, especially British or Irish Boy Band music she gleefully told me about this group OneDirection. They weren’t as known then as they are now but she was right I did and do enjoy their music. She recently posted a video on my FB wall and I just have to share it because he is so funny and it’s about One Direction.

So now they have  became HUGE and she has converted another staff member as a fan which has turned into a great debate on her FB wall.  One work friend (our very own Zombie Goth Queen) is pretending she never ‘heard’ any of it because she loves us.  They are funny, crazy and say really ridiculous things and it’s a great feeling no matter what your age to be part of such a amazing group. It’s all very amusing, entertaining and just one more thing that keeps me feeling young.

So tell me: what kind of music makes you feel young again?


Between The Covers Is What Matters

We’ve all heard the old adage -Never judge a book but it’s cover- but let’s be honest the cover is almost always going to be the thing that draws you in.

When you are standing in the book store staring at the rows and rows of books, the first ones you pick up are those that have the covers showing (faced as we call it). When staring at all those choices if  you are looking for sci-fi you aren’t likely going to pick up the one with a couple looking at each other intimately,  if you are looking for a mystery you aren’t likely to pick the one that has a dark background with a teen girl whose hair is fanned out around her and is wearing some elaborate goth prom-like dress. You are looking for a cover that resemble your reading habits.

Finally one peaks your interest, you reach over pick it up and only then to READ anything about the story. Maybe you read the synopsis on the back or the inside flaps. Maybe you’re the type to read the first bit or first few pages but maybe you open it randomly to see if anything grabs your attention. Which ever way it happens it was the cover that got you to this point.

Another fun thing about covers in when you find the same model or picture used on different covers. There are a couple of difference places that show examples of this but the following is one that I like the best.

We tried testing the cover theory in book club a few months ago. We picked two books by the same author. One had a cover that everyone agreed was very appealing and one that left everyone feeling unimpressed. In the end the book that was considered the better read had the less appealing cover. While this little experiment seems to prove the above mentioned nugget of wisdom (which by the way applies to people as well as books) it begs the question – How do they choose covers in attempt to appeal to the widest possible market? Even within the book club there are several differences of opinion on what is most attractive on the cover.

So, the next time you are book shopping remember that thought the cover may be the original source of attraction it really is what’s between the covers that matters.



Lyrical Meanings

I’ve just come home from a Rock Band party in honour of a friend who will be moving 6 provinces away in just over a month’s time.

While sitting reading the lyrics as they rolled across the screen it came to me how often you can hear a song but never get the meaning of the words.

My friend is an epic Green Day fan so that is the Rock Band we were playing. And it’s not that I’m not a fan but I don’t listen to their music regularly. In fact I mentioned tonight what a miracle it is we are all friends because my taste in all things entertainment is often the opposite of theirs.

There was a line in one of the songs tonight, a song I am familiar with, where I saw  the words thereby getting the ACTUAL meaning of them and thought- that really applies to my life right now. I won’t get all mundane about what it meant in my life right now but it lead to a discussion of why we are all such great friends despite our differences. It comes down to loving and appreciating each other for who we are. We can be ourselves around each other and though we often don’t agree we do agree to disagree.

I don’t understand why more humans can not grasp this concept. It seems simple enough and yet we need movies like Pretty in Pink or tv shows like Glee to teach us these simple life lessons.

You don’t have to like everyone, Everyone you meet isn’t going to like you but you can live we that. We can all live with that. If you can’t find a movie, book, song, restaurant, clothing style, another friend or anything else you have in common than be polite in passing and leave it at that. 

Live your life and let others live theirs and the world will be a better place.                                             My challenge to you: find a song that illustrates that and really listen to it. You may be surprised by the people who come into your life.

“Sometimes I need to apologize. 
Sometimes I need to admit that I ain’t right. 
Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut, or only say hello.”  

Lyrics from Walking Alone by Green day